Madelene Martin

Collar-Me Kate

My name is Kate — or as my friends like to call me when they're giving me shit: Collar-Me Kate.

I've always been this way, from the very first time I noticed boys. I didn't just want to kiss them, I wanted them to command me to kiss them, to pull my hair and bite my neck. My friends know about it — I met most of my them at fetish parties, and many of them are as freaky as me.

No, I've never worn an actual collar… though I would very much like to. A collar is a symbol of ownership — of submitting to your dominant body and soul. The problem is finding a guy who wants to give me one.

It's not easy to find a long-term partner. Many people just like to play once in a while, and return to their otherwise normal lives. Can't blame them for that. But a lot of people also don't understand that being dominant doesn't mean being a jerk. A full-time relationship with the right dominant would be my dream come true. But if I'm going to surrender my body and soul to a man, he has to be worth it.

These days I'm pretty well known in the scene here. I go to all the events, meet all the new people. Fetish parties are great; I love the wild equipment, the sight of the dominants leading their subs and slaves, meeting new people and playing with them.

I'll try almost anything once. I do it for pleasure, but it rewards me in other ways. Many of the men I've been with treat me like a pampered pet. Minus the collar of course.

Tonight I was going out with one of my regular partners. His name was Alex, and he liked to tease me.

I wore a short red dress — my favorite color — and matching red heels. And, as instructed, no panties.

I arrived at the restaurant and immediately spotted him across the room. Alex was a gorgeous guy — lean but strong, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He was funny, and easygoing most of the time, but very intense when we played. He wasn't into anything hardcore, but he knew how to push my buttons. I loved to please him and loved the way I affected him.

As I stepped through the doorway I tugged at the hem of my dress, willing it to cover me more completely. I was already aroused just from the thought of him knowing I had done what he asked — that I was naked under my short dress. The blush I was known for was blooming on my face, and I could already feel myself getting wet between the legs.

Alex rose from his seat and kissed me warmly on the lips. 'I have something for you,' he whispered, holding out a small gift box.

'Oh, thank you,' I replied, exhilarated but also dreading what he might have in store for me. I sat with the box placed demurely in front of me.

'Open it.' He said, folding his hands beneath his chin.

After looking around to see if anyone was watching, I obliged — pulling the white ribbon and opening the black box. My instincts had been correct. It was unmistakeably a sex toy — one of those vibrating eggs that were placed inside you. Sitting beside it was what looked like a tiny remote control. I held my breath.

On cue, Alex held out his hand, and I passed the remote to him. He leaned toward me, his face close to my ear and his hand resting on my thigh. 'Go to the bathroom, and put it in,' he instructed, squeezing my leg.

'Yes, Sir.' I breathed, a thrill running through me. I got up, straightening my dress, and went to find the bathroom. I did as he asked, placing the egg shaped device deep inside me. It was cold and smooth, and felt delightful. I had to resist the urge to stay in there and pleasure myself — but I would never do such a thing without asking first. I was frantic with anticipation and desire, but I knew what Alex was like. He would want to make it last — sweet torture for me.

I sat back down at the table, smiling at him. A waitress was bringing a bottle of wine, and I caught her looking at me. I must have looked suspicious as all hell, my face red and my hands shaking.

Alex poured for us both and I took a deep drink. 'Decide what you want to eat,' he said, 'and I'll call her back over.'

I tried to concentrate for long enough to do so, shifting uncomfortably on my hard chair. When I'd settled on a Caesar salad, I told Alex. He waved the waitress over. She stood with an impassive face while he ordered from the menu, then looked at me, her pencil paused over her notepad.

As I opened my mouth, I felt a sudden jolt deep within me. Alex had of course, activated the toy. It vibrated strongly deep inside me, and I snapped my mouth shut and looked over at him.

He was sitting with his drink raised to his lips, looking right at me, his face completely impassive. Lowering his glass, he said 'Well, what do you want, honey?'

I shuddered involuntarily, looking into the pretty brown eyes of the waitress as I shifted against the seat, trying hard to ignore the pleasure building in my sex. Breathlessly, I managed to squeak out 'Caesar Salad.' And snap my mouth shut, swallowing hard.

Alex leaned forward, a teasing smile on his face. He patted my knee. 'Ask nicely my dear — where are your manners?' And I suddenly felt the buzzing grow twice as strong. He'd turned the damned thing up.

'Please,' I breathed, my hands gripping the edge of the table.

The waitress raised one well-groomed eyebrow, and nodded, writing it down. She turned and left.

'You look uncomfortable,' Alex said soothingly, his hand on my leg again. His body was close to mine and I felt as if I could feel warmth coming off him. I wanted to kiss him. 'Do you want me to stop?'

'No. Yes.'

'Kitty?' It was his nickname for me. His hand crept higher along the inside of my thigh, fingers pushing up under the hem of my dress.

'Stop if it pleases you, Sir,' I said, squeezing my knees together. I wasn't honestly sure if I wanted him to or not.

He did. His fingers gave one last lingering graze over my thigh, and he let up, turning off the vibrator and letting me be.

I was wet as hell, and trying to concentrate for the rest of the meal. I wasn't hungry. I wanted him to take me home and tie me up and tease me.

'Aren't you going to eat your food?' Alex asked, the teasing smile back on his face.

I smiled in return, pushing a bite into my mouth.

For a while we talked about regular things, and he asked if I would accompany him to a party next weekend.

'What kind of party?' I asked mischievously.

'The good kind.' He grinned. So not a vanilla party, then. I was intrigued.

'What should I wear?'

'Hmm…' His fingers curled around my shoulder and pulled me a little closer, while his other hand tickled my thigh. 'Something in leather or latex. I haven't seen you wearing it yet. Have you got anything like that?'

'Yes,' I said. 'I love latex.' I didn't get to wear it nearly often enough, to be honest.

'I'll bring something else for you to put on, too.' He murmured. His voice was low and seductive, his breath warm in my ear.

We finished the meal and he drove me back to his hotel. Alex didn't live in town, but spent a couple of weeks here every few months. We always caught up.

In the car, he played with the different speeds of my toy, and I was glad not to have to hide my arousal. I sat in the front seat, squirming and moaning, while he chuckled at me.

'Don't you dare come yet, Kitty,' he warned me.

I groaned louder. 'Oh, please?' I asked plaintively, adding “Sir!” As an afterthought.

Another quiet laugh. 'No, no. I might let you later though, if you're good.'

I moaned again and shifted, trying to distract myself from the delicious pleasure. I ran my hands over my breasts without even realizing it, until suddenly Alex took a hand off the wheel and reached over to pull my hands away. I captured his hand and brought it to my lips, taking one of his fingers in my mouth and licking and sucking gently. He looked briefly over at me with a smile. I could see the huge bulge in his pants. I remembered his cock —

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