“I will spend the rest of my days ensuring you have your fun.”

“All I need is your love.”

Aeron dove in for another deep, penetrating kiss, and soon they were lost in it, their hands all over each other, eager, ready for more, determined—

“Uh, guys.” Baden’s voice pushed through the illusion of privacy and both of them turned toward him. He waved at Olivia. “Hi. I hate to break this up, because wow, but what about me? I want in on this action. I want to go back to my body.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “You have made no sacrifice. I’m afraid you have to remain here.”

Regret and sorrow instantly tainted Aeron’s newfound peace. He’d only just found Baden, and now he was supposed to abandon him?

Baden’s shoulders sagged. “Is there anything—”

“No,” Olivia interjected softly. “I’m sorry. You are already dead. There’s no sacrifice you can make.”

“I’ll find a way to get you out,” Aeron vowed. “Pandora mentioned the box. I’ll never stop searching for it, I swear on my life.”

His friend nodded, but there was sadness in his voice as he said, “I will miss you.”

“And I you.” Tears now burned his eyes.

Baden smiled, though even that was sad. “Tell Torin he owes me a sword. Tell Sabin I haven’t forgotten how he cheated at chess. And tell Gideon I want a rematch. He’ll know what you mean.” He rattled off a message for every warrior, and damn if they didn’t break Aeron’s heart. By the end, his tears were flowing freely. “Until we meet again, Aeron.”

“We will. Meet again.”

“I will never lose hope.” Without another word, Baden walked backward, step by agonizing step. So badly Aeron wanted to shout for him to stop, but just as he opened his mouth to do so, unable to take the grief, the warrior disappeared in the mist.

“I’m sorry,” Olivia said, petting his chest.

Aeron jerked her back into his arms, grip tightening. “This is not the end. I swear it.” He buried his face in the hollow of her neck. He could never repay her for all that she’d done for him. “I love you. So much.”

“I love you, too.”

“I’m going to make you happy. Of all the things I’ve sworn, that is the most important to me.”

She pushed to her tiptoes and kissed him. “You already have made me happy. Now let’s go home. There are lots of people eager to see you.”

“First, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but fly us to my bedroom. We need a proper reuniting. Then we’ll meet with the others.”

That earned him another laugh. “That’s right. I have wings now and you do not. Guess that means I’m in charge of our more…illicit activities, too. So you can consider it done. Seeing to your happiness is my job, after all.”

“For which I will be eternally grateful.”

They kissed again before heading home.

Lords of the Underworld

Glossary of Characters and Terms

Aeron—Keeper of Wrath

All-Seeing Eye—Godly artifact with the power to see into heaven and hell

Amun—Keeper of Secrets

Anya—(Minor) Goddess of Anarchy

Ashlyn Darrow—Human female with supernatural ability

Baden—Keeper of Distrust (deceased)

Bait—Human females, Hunters’ accomplices

Bianka Skyhawk—Harpy; sister of Gwen

Cage of Compulsion—Godly artifact with the power to enslave anyone trapped inside

Cameo—Keeper of Misery

Cloak of Invisibility—Godly artifact with the power to shield its wearer from prying eyes

Cronus—King of the Titans

Danika Ford—Human female, target of the Titans

Darla Stefano—wife of Dean Stefano; Sabin’s lover (deceased)

Dean Stefano—Hunter; Right-hand man of Galen dimOuniak—Pandora’s box

Dominic—A young Hunter

Elite Seven—The most prestigious faction of angels

Galen—Keeper of Hope

Gideon—Keeper of Lies

Gilly—Human female, friend of Danika

Greeks—Former rulers of Olympus, now imprisoned in Tartarus

Gwen Skyhawk—Half-Harpy, half-angel

Heavenly High Council—Angelic governing body

Hera—Queen of the Greeks

Hunters—Mortal enemies of the Lords of the Underworld

Joy-bringers—Angels tasked with watching over mortals

Kaia Skyhawk—Harpy; sister of Gwen

Kane—Keeper of Disaster

Legion—Demon minion, friend of Aeron

Lords of the Underworld—Exiled warriors to the Greek gods who now house demons inside them

Lucien—Keeper of Death; Leader of the Budapest warriors

Lucifer—Prince of darkness; ruler of hell

Lysander—Elite warrior angel and consort of Bianka Skyhawk

Maddox—Keeper of Violence

Olivia—Fallen warrior angel

One True Deity—Ruler of the angels and head of the Heavenly High Council

Pandora—Immortal warrior, once guardian of dimOuniak (deceased)

Paring Rod—Godly artifact, power unknown

Paris—Keeper of Promiscuity

Reyes—Keeper of Pain

Rhea—Queen of the Titans; estranged wife of Cronus

Sabin—Keeper of Doubt; Leader of the Greece warriors

Scarlet—Keeper of Nightmares

Sienna Blackstone—Female Hunter

Strider—Keeper of Defeat

Taliyah Skyhawk—Harpy; sister of Gwen

Tartarus—Greek, god of Confinement; also the immortal prison on Mount Olympus

Titans—Current rulers of Olympus

Torin—Keeper of Disease

Unspoken Ones—Reviled gods; prisoners of Cronus

Warrior Angels—Heavenly demon assassins

William—Immortal warrior, friend of Anya

Zeus—King of the Greeks

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