Nancy Carter

Mate swappers

Chapter One

Take my wife…please!' Tony Peters shouted as he spread his wife Nancy's legs wide open, fully exposing her glistening pink slit to their neighbors, Sam and Ellen Leitner.

Everyone in the room broke out in laughter for a moment then. Tony's routine of quoting Jack Benny's most famous line as he offered Nancy's succulent snatch to a fellow swinger for sucking or fucking was thoroughly predictable, but still managed to garner a good laugh even now, several months and dozens of swing sessions later.

Sam had good reason to smile he was about to slip his lovely neighbor the meat and sample her silky heat. As he watched Nancy's hole clenching and spasming on its own., he tried to pinpoint the very first time he heard Tony utter the famous line.

The memory came to mind just as he positioned — his bulbous prickhead against the entrance to Nancy's creamy opening.

Tony and Nancy had just moved into the neighborhood a couple of weeks previously, and being the good meaning. Horny neighbors they were, Sam and Ellen invited the young couple over to their place for dinner. 'To get to know each other a little better,' Sam had put it upon offering the invitation.

The evening progressed even more smoothly than any of them could have hoped.

After a delicious roast beef supper, the two couples retired to the living room, where Sam managed to broach the subject of the community Tony and Nancy had recently joined.

'Both of you know that this is not like most suburban communities,' Sam began cautiously.

'Uh huh,' Nancy giggled. 'We knew all about Twin Hills' reputation as a swinger's village long before we moved here. Why else do you think we'd be willing to deal with the outrageous property taxes here?'

Sam smiled. 'That was a rather brilliant move by the developer, wasn't it?

Keeping taxes up so that only the most devoted of swingers would be willing to pay for the luxury of living in the hottest little burb on earth!'

'Here's a toast,' Ellen offered, lifting her glass high. 'To hot swinging and good friends!'

'Here here!' everyone cheered.

'Let's become friends, shall we?' Nancy offered, putting her glass down and looking toward her husband.

Sam and Ellen shared a glance, and then the air in the room shifted from one of friendly acquaintance to a thick aura of sexual heat.

Making a bold first move, Ellen stood up then and pulled Nancy up. Then she mashed her face into Nancy's and they shared a hot, passionate kiss.

'You guys are gonna make great neighbors,' Sam noted to Tony with a lewd wink.

The men watched in admiration as Ellen's hands roamed all over the voluptuous slopes of Nancy's body. A moment later, she pulled the young woman's blouse open and exposed Nancy's round, pert tits. Feminine moans filled the room as Ellen's thick lips pressed against the soft flesh of Nancy's tender nipples, her tongue slithering out to circle the deep red perimeter of the girl's perfectly shaped buds.

Tony followed Sam's lead a moment later and stripped away his clothing. Both men were heavily muscled and abundantly hung, their pricks rockhard and ready for some serious fucking.

The guys began to beat their meat as Ellen made an efficient job of undressing both herself and Nancy. Then, making sure the men had a good view of what was going on, she gently pulled Nancy to the floor and spread her legs wide on the thick, plush carpeting.

For a few minutes, Ellen sniffed around the pink slit of Nancy's twat like a hungry animal, breathing heavily and moistening her face with the young woman's sticky juices.

Everyone in the room sucked in their breath and gasped in unison when Ellen suddenly drove her long tongue deep into Nancy's tender cunt. Sam and Tony were stroking their stiff poles anxiously, making, loud slapping noises as they masturbated to the sight of Ellen's muff diving maneuvers.

'I don't know about you, Tony, but I need to get in on the action before I blow off all on my own,' Sam smiled, walking over to join the women.

Tony followed soon after, and before long the two couples were sucking and kissing separately, working up to the big moment of penetration.

Figuring that it would heat things up nicely to offer Sam a piece of his wife's action, he reached down between Nancy's legs, pulled her swollen cunt lips wide apart to expose her cream-lined opening, and called out to Sam.

'Hey, neighbor,' he announced proudly. 'Take my wife…please!'

The perfect ice breaker. Sam crawled over between Nancy's legs without hesitating and slipped his fat prong into her juicy clam. Tony felt a surge racing through his prick as his wife scissored her legs around Sam's back and began to moan softly, her cunt walls stretching around Sam's prick and pulling him into her heat.

Ellen reached forward at that moment and tugged on Tony's long pole, motioning for him to lie flat on his back.

Since Tony was lying directly beside Nancy and Sam, he had an outrageous view of the muscular stud bracing himself on his palms and lowering his thick prick into Nancy's slippery cooze.

A moment later, his beautiful blonde neighbor was bending over his crotch, her long, straight hair cascading down onto his lap as her lips traveled up the inside of his muscular thighs and worked their way to his hairy nutsac.

There, Ellen gently sucked each of his balls into her mouth one at a time and rolled his orbs around between her lips as if they were precious gems. Tony found himself humping up into the air, his stiff bone bouncing straight up as Ellen popped his balls out of her mouth and began to trail her lips north along the length of his shaft.

Ellen worked in an excruciatingly slow motion, planting soft kisses on the underside of Tony's stiff shaft before gently licking the tip of his prickhead.

By the time she reached the top of his cock, a large pearl of precum had bubbled up over the tip of his dong, which seemed to thrill Ellen.

Looking over, Tony saw Sam's muscular chest coated with a layer of sweat as he bent over to kiss Nancy's stiff nipples while his cock churned up some serious friction in her cunt.

Ellen took Tony by surprise as he watched the action next to him by swiping her mouth down suddenly on his shaft and taking him in to the root with one easy gulp. Tony cried out in pleasure and clamped his hands around her head, humping his meat into her wet warmth and delighting in the slick moisture of her clenching throat muscles.

'Good, huh?' Sam asked proudly, lifting his head from Nancy's nipples to watch his wife sucking on Tony's prick.

'Jesus,' Tony whispered, lifting his hips and feeling a shudder race through his crotch as Ellen's long-nailed fingers tickled the underside of his cumsac.

Soon, Sam began to slam into Nancy with a brutal force, making Tony's wife literally bounce off the carpet with each thrust. Her tits were flying all over the place, her breath coming in loud gasps and grunts as her clit exploded in a delicious climax.

'Are you ready to catch up with those two?' Ellen murmured homily, motioning over to Sam and Nancy while straddling Tony's hairy thighs.

'Absolutely,' Tony said as he watched Ellen shimmying down onto his prick.

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