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Знаменитый детектив Алекс Кросс решил отойти от дел и вернуться к частной практике психотерапевта. Но старый друг, детектив Сэмпсон, попросил его стать независимым консультантом по делу...
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Karko Kate стр.1

Читать книгу Namma
Karko Kate
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Amazon.co.uk Review 'Namma' meaning bride is the first-hand account of Kate Karko, a designer from London and her husband Tsedup, a Tibetan nomad. The couple met, fell in love and married in India where Kate was travelling and Tsedup was living in exile. After an absence of nine years, four of which were spent in London waiting for the right documents to come through, Tsedup was finally able to return to his family on the roof of the world. With very limited grasp of the Amdo dialect, Kate throws herself into life with her new family. She keeps an open mind to all new experiences and approaches her time with the nomads with enduring positivity-not many erstwhile city dwellers would have been able to cope with the complete lack...