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Паттерсон Джеймс
Знаменитый детектив Алекс Кросс решил отойти от дел и вернуться к частной практике психотерапевта. Но старый друг, детектив Сэмпсон, попросил его стать независимым консультантом по делу...
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Roshwald Mordecai стр.1

Читать книгу Level 7
Level 7
Roshwald Mordecai
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¦ HE WAS GOING ¦ DOWN, ¦ DOWN, ¦ DOWN… ¦ 4000 feet into the earth, ¦ never to return! Level 7 is the diary of Officer X-127, who is assigned to the country’s deepest bomb shelter housing important military personnel and equipment. For security reasons those who go down, stay down. Four thousand feet away from sunshine, Level 7 is considered secure from the most devastating attack and has been prepared to be self-sufficient for five hundred years. Marriages are made in this inverted heaven; food is taken in the form of pulp and pills. All is ordained by the god Loudspeaker which, unseen and omnipresent, voices commands for the good of its creatures. The duty of Officer X-127 is to stand guard at the Pushbuttons, a machine...