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Паттерсон Джеймс
Знаменитый детектив Алекс Кросс решил отойти от дел и вернуться к частной практике психотерапевта. Но старый друг, детектив Сэмпсон, попросил его стать независимым консультантом по делу...
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Willows Caitlyn стр.1

Читать книгу Dean's List
Dean's List
Willows Caitlyn
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Leigh Dean is shocked to find one of her new students is a flash from the past, but now he is all grown up. Unable to get past the age gap, she makes a flimsy excuse and walks away. Dan Jefferson has lusted after a woman from his youth and now that he has found her again, he is determined to not let her go. He is ready, willing, and able to give her everything she needs. Leigh realizes that maybe she was hasty. Dan sweeps her excuse to the side and wonders what she will do without her job to hide behind. Leigh has a little secret that she thinks will be the final straw, but just maybe Dan will surprise her. Dean’s List is a wonderful story of discovery and fulfillment. Leigh and Dan had met in another lifetime but were unprepared; fate has given them a second chance. What better...