“I’m not in a good enough mood right now to joke.”

“But you’re all right? You’re not hurt at all, are you?”

It was sweet of him to care. “I’m okay.”

“That’s good to hear.” He pursed his lips. “Listen, I’d stick around for moral support or whatever, but I have to split. Are you staying long?”

Well, maybe he didn’t care that much. “For a while. I’m trying to take my mind off what happened, actually. This place is oddly soothing, despite the decor.”

“Well, if you’re looking for something to do… can you enter this all into the computer? I’d appreciate it.”

Eden looked at the stack of files he had his hand on. Andy liked to handwrite everything. Eden was one of the only people in the world — she thought — who could decipher his penmanship. Typing was good mindless work and would definitely help her brain focus on something else before she went home. “Yeah, sure. No problem.”

He grinned and actually patted her shoulder, placing the folders on top of her desk. “Super. You’re a peach, especially after everything you’ve gone through. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow, okay?”

She nodded. “Sure. Have a good night.”

He threw his coat over his shoulder and walked out the front door.

Eden watched him get into his leased red Porsche and drive away. The sky was turning pink and purple and orange as the sun slowly began to sink beneath the horizon.

She walked over to sit at her little desk, feeling oddly despondent about everything after her brush with death.

If she was really 100 percent psychic, would she be able to see into her own future? What would it hold? Excitement and romance? Or more of the same?

“Place your bets,” she murmured. “My money’s on more of the same. Bring it on.”

She’d recently made a promise to look on the bright side of things after reading The Secret. Five times. She owned the book, the audio book, and the DVD. If she believed that good things were going to happen, then they would. But the belief had to be complete. She had to clearly imagine what she wanted in life in order to make it happen.

Sure. It was possible.

I’d love more money so I could move out of my crappy apartment, she thought. That would be super.

She’d also love a great job that fulfilled her and would also help others in some way. All she knew was that she hadn’t found it yet.

Finally, she’d love to find a wonderful man who loved her for who she was inside.

Believe it. Feel it. See it. Be it.

Her stomach still growled with hunger. And the universe provided an immediate solution. There was a big box of Hot Stuff donuts and pastries over on Andy’s desk. There was also a pot of coffee that actually looked remotely fresh.

She picked up a Boston cream and devoured it in about five seconds, very glad there was no one there to witness it. She then grabbed an apple fritter, put it on a paper towel, and fixed her coffee — two creamers, two sugars. She tipped the mug back and swallowed a mouthful.

The warm liquid swished around in her stomach as she felt something else. A strange tingling sensation began to spread through her body and down to her arms and legs.

She put the mug down and held her palm over her stomach.

“Maybe that coffee wasn’t as fresh as I thought,” she said aloud.

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

The male voice made her turn around to see where it came from, but there was nobody in the office except for her.

“Hello?” she responded cautiously.

She felt a small lurch in her gut. Indigestion so quickly? Perhaps she should have had a salad. The nutrition gods were trying to tell her something.

“Who are you?” the voice spoke again.

Eden’s gaze darted around the room. What was going on? Her body immediately tensed and her heart began to pound — hard. She was still feeling the effects from being grabbed by the serial killer earlier, and it was likely she’d do so for a while.

“Who are you?” she asked. “ Where are you? Andy’s gone for the day.”

“You’re a woman.” Whoever this was sounded surprised by that.

“Good guess. Now you’re going to have to tell me who you are and where you’re hiding or we’re going to have a problem. I’m not a big fan of hide-and-seek.”

“You can hear everything I’m saying?” He sounded surprised.

She swallowed hard. “Of course I can.”

“It’s just that the others… well, most of them haven’t been able to hear me at all. And the ones who could didn’t hear everything clearly.”

She curled her hand around the baseball bat she kept under her desk. One could never be too careful. Triple-A wasn’t exactly in the city’s best neighborhood.

“What others?” she asked.

“My other… my other hosts. Look, I don’t want you to be afraid—”

“It’s getting a bit late for that, whoever you are.” She gripped the bat tightly and stood up from the desk. Nobody else was going to sneak up on her. One serial killer a day was her limit.

She nudged open the door to the small bathroom with her foot. The office was completely empty. She began to tremble. Even if someone had been hiding, their voice wouldn’t be so loud in her ears. So loud that it sounded as if it was coming fromInside of me.

“You’re the woman with the long, reddish hair, aren’t you? He wanted to kill you. And then—” He paused. “Then I don’t remember much — it’s fuzzy right now. Was he killed? Of course, he had to be or this wouldn’t have happened.”

“How do you know about that?” she demanded, and began to shuffle backward into the far corner by Andy’s bookshelf. “I’m going to call the cops if you don’t leave me alone.”

“There was a cop there. A tall man with blond hair. He had a gun.”

“How do you know what happened?” She glanced under Andy’s desk, which would have made a good hiding spot. But other than three balled-up pieces of paper that hadn’t hit the trash can, there was nothing there. “I just want to be left alone. Honestly, I’m not really as psychic as people seem to think. Checking the coat closet was a lucky guess. It’s called coincidence and it happens all the time.”

“You’re psychic?” he repeated. “Right, he mentioned that. He thought you might be able to help him get rid of me.”

Eden frowned deeply. “Get rid of you? The killer said he was possessed by a demon he desperately wanted out of him.”

Her head spun just thinking about it. Demons didn’t exist. Of course they didn’t. That was crazy.

Besides, a demon wouldn’t sound like this, would it? Her newly discovered inner voice was deep, warm, and calm. She would have expected a demon to sound scary and, well, demonic. Her hands began to ache as she clutched the bat tighter.

“The important thing is not to panic,” the voice said.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Really, demon is a bit of a derogatory word, isn’t it?” he continued conversationally. “I promise I mean you no harm at all. I did what I could to keep my former host from hurting you and luckily it all turned out okay. Well, sort of okay. Now if we can just talk about—”

“You… you’re a d-demon?” she stuttered.

“Well… technically, yes I am. But just try to relax. I know this is a bit of a surprise, but everything’s going to be fine.”

No, it wasn’t possible. Not a chance. Demons didn’t exist. She must have had some kind of mental breakdown. Now, that was possible. It had been a very traumatic day. Something deep in

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