you to solve. I shall always appreciate your help, if I may say so!”

“Good-bye!” said the Find-Outers, and waved to their big friend. It had been lovely to see him again.

“I bet old Clear-Orf is feeling sick,” said Fatty, getting on his coat to go home with Buster and his parents.

“I feel a bit sorry for him,” said tender-hearted Bets. “You know - to feel he’s failed again - and has an awful cold too - and got locked in that dirty cellar and lost his helmet.”

“Yes. It was awful for him, I suppose,” said Daisy. “Well, we can afford to be generous - shall we take him some flowers or something, if he’s in bed tomorrow? I don’t like him, and I never shall, but I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for him, like Bets.”

“Take old Clear-Orf flowers! You must be mad!” said Fatty scornfully. “I don’t mind going and looking for his helmet for him - or even giving him some soap to clean his uniform - but not flowers! Flowers and Clear-Orf don’t go together, somehow.”

“All right - we’ll give him some soap, then - and find his helmet,” said Daisy. “Won’t he be surprised?”

“I bet he will!” said Fatty. “All right, Mother, I’m coming. Just give me a minute to say good-bye. Now don’t you go finding some wonderful soap like Sweet Violets or Sweet-pea Buds, Daisy. Carbolic for old Clear-Orf, see?”

The others laughed. Buster barked, and Bets patted him. “Good-bye, Buster. See you tomorrow.”

“Good-bye,” said Fatty. “And I say - let’s... All right, Mother, just coming! Half a minute!”

“Let’s what?” asked the other Find-Outers.

“Let’s solve another mystery as soon as ever we can!” said Fatty, going down the steps. “And a thumping big one too. See?”

“Oh yes!” shouted the Find-Outers in joy. “We will, Fatty, we will!”

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