I kept checking the Internet for some mention of Dahlia Gemein or Prince Teddy.

Her name never came up, but four months after the turret murders, an Asian news service reported the “tragic death of Prince Tariq Bandar Asman Ku’amah Majur in a diving accident off the coast of Sranil.” The sultan, “grief-stricken and dismayed,” had declared a week of national mourning and announced that the pediatric cancer center crowning the world-class medical center planned for Sranil would be named after the prince.

“My brother was a selfless man with a special place in his heart for children.”

One week later, insurgents attempted to storm the island’s southern beaches. The sultan’s troops turned them away but several commentators believed this was only the beginning.

Logging off, I got into running clothes, jogged south on the Glen, made a few well-practiced turns, ended up on Borodi Lane.

Doyle Bryczinski was gone. Men in hard hats were busy nailing up the framework of an enormous house. Three stories, subterranean parking lot, multiple gables, and adventurous windows. A style that couldn’t be pinned down beyond Look At Me!

Where a sidewalk would be, if this was that kind of neighborhood, a couple stood, pointing and talking.

Stunning blonde, mid-to late thirties, well-toned body, sculpted face. She wore pink cashmere, a pale blue silk scarf, brown croc pumps, big diamonds. The man with his arm around her was closer to sixty, a little thick around the middle, with wavy silver hair of a tint that required effort. Soft blue blazer, white linen pants, a red pocket handkerchief that tumbled from his breast pocket like blood from a gunshot wound.

Designer sunglasses on both of them.

As I ran past them, the woman said, “Oh, it’s going to be gorgeous, honey.”

Jonathan Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman is one of the world's most popular authors. He has brought his expertise as a child psychologist to numerous bestselling tales of suspense (which have been translated into two dozen languages), including thirteen previous Alex Delaware novels; The Butcher's Theater, a story of serial killing in Jerusalem; and Billy Straight, featuring Hollywood homicide detective Petra Connor. His new novel, Flesh and Blood, will be published in hardcover in fall 2001. He is also the author of numerous essays, short stories, and scientific articles, two children's books, and three volumes of psychology, including Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children. He and his wife, the novelist Faye Kellerman, have four children.

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