Kraye has got stacked away in his five bank accounts?’

‘It must be a lot,’ I said, ‘for bombs.’

‘Quite so.’

There was a long silence. Finally I said, ‘One isn’t required either legally or morally to report people to the Inland Revenue.’

He shook his head.

‘But we could make a note of those five banks, just in case?’

‘If you like,’ he agreed.

‘Then I think I might let Kraye have the negatives and the new sets of prints,’ I said. ‘Without telling him I know why he wants them.’

Noel looked at me enquiringly, but didn’t speak.

I grinned faintly. ‘On condition that he makes a free, complete and outright gift to Seabury Racecourse Company of his twenty-three per cent holding.’

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