bow to them.

Okay, the idea of relocating still scared me, but the shock of thinking Michael had been shot affected my attitude. Commitment still made me nervous, but maybe nervous was better than losing Michael. I was just going to have to get used to the idea of uprooting my life and moving to Caerphilly.

I decided to postpone a decision on whether to actually move in with Michael or just relocate nearby until I saw what our house-hunting search turned up. Of course, given the tight housing market in Caerphilly, I probably wouldn't have to make the actual leap into moving right away. In fact, I decided, the difficulties of househunting could take weeks – months, even – which would drive Michael bananas, but would be a boon for me. I'd probably have more than enough time to get used to the idea of moving by the time we actually settled on a place.

A bugle call sounded in the distance.

'I suppose we'd better go back,' I said. 'The instant replay of the battle is about to begin.'

'I don't know,' Michael said, glancing down at his red-stained uniform. 'I think maybe I've had enough battle for one day. After all, I'm already a casualty.'

'Won't the Gatinois chasseurs be upset if you're AWOL?'

'I doubt it. They're pretty mellow,' he said. 'And anyway, although this weekend has been fun, maybe I should rethink this whole reenacting hobby thing.'

I uttered a silent prayer of thanks.

'All the guns – too much technology, not enough sword-play,' he went on. 'I think I'll see if I can find a group that does something a little earlier – Renaissance maybe, or the Middle Ages.'

I canceled the prayer, and contemplated the even longer list of anachronisms that would probably be outlawed in a reenactment of the Middle Ages.

'How about the Roman Empire,' I suggested. 'Do they reenact that? Plenty of swordplay; you'd look nice in one of those bare-legged gladiator costumes, and they were really big on bathing in the Roman Empire.'

'I'll give it a thought,' Michael said. 'Meanwhile, speaking of bathing, why don't we find someplace where we can get out of these filthy clothes and into the proverbial something more comfortable… like Mom's hot tub?'

'Attention!' squawked Mrs. Waterston's amplified voice from the battlefield. 'Everyone take your places! We're going to start all over again. Please take your places. Will the audience stop milling around the field and sit down? We're going to start the battle again in a few minutes.'

'I don't know,' I said. 'Are you sure your mother doesn't need us?'

'All you British troops!' Mrs. Waterston continued. 'At least look as if you're trying to win! And I don't want to hear anyone yelling 'banzai!' or 'Geronimo!' this time. Please try to stay in period. Now, if you're all ready, let's take it from the top….'

'Are you kidding?' Michael said. 'She won't miss us for hours.'

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