Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee) has sold, in various editions published by approximately 100 publishers around the world, a total of over 125,000,000 copies. Queen books have been translated into every major foreign language except Russian and Chinese, and many minor languages (including Hebrew and Indonesian).

Ellery Queen popularized the mystery drama on radio in a program called The Adventures of Ellery Queen, which was on the air for nine years, and in 1950 TV Guide gave the Ellery Queen program its national award for the best mystery show on TV. Ellery Queen has won five Edgars (the annual Mystery Writers of America awards, similar to the Oscars of Hollywood), including the Grand Master award (1960); three MWA Scrolls and a raven; and twice Queen has been runner-up for the Best Novel of the Year award. He also holds both the silver and gold Gertrudes awarded by Pocket Books, Inc. Mystery Writers of Japan gave Ellery Queen their gold-and-onyx Edgar Allan Poe ring, awarded to only five non-Japanese throughout the world. And in 1968 Iona College honored Queen with its Columba Prize in Mystery.

Ellery Queen’s most recent successes are The Last Woman in His Life, Cop Out, and The Golden 13. He is internationally known as an editor-Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine is in its 31st year of publication.

The late Anthony Boucher, distinguished critic and novelist, described Queen best when he wrote: “Ellery Queen is the American detective story.”

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