‘Do it harder,’ Henry said to Caroline and she nodded. They crushed the mask down more firmly.

Astrid looked at us, at me. The fury in her sky-blue eyes receded, slowly, until finally she closed them and her whole body softened underneath me.

I stayed on top of her until she said hoarsely, ‘I’m all right.’

I got to my knees, then to my feet.

Astrid put her hand up and placed it on the mask, gently pushing the twins aside as she sat up.

Caroline patted Astrid on the back.

‘It’s okay, we know it wasn’t really you.’

‘Yeah,’ Henry agreed. ‘It was Monster-Astrid, not Real-Astrid.’

‘Come on, everyone,’ I said. ‘We gotta fix the gate! Now!’

We had needed to open the gate to let out the bus with Alex, Niko, Josie, and the rest of them. The layers of blankets and plastic and plywood we’d used to seal the gate and make the store airtight were all messed up now.

First we had to reseal the gate and then, somehow, purify the air. Would the entire store be contaminated now? I didn’t know.

I grabbed the blankets and plastic sheeting that hung from the gate and pressed them back into place. ‘Hand me a staple gun!’ I shouted to the twins.

The staple guns were still there, set to the side, from the first time we’d sealed the gate. I was now glad we were so sloppy as to leave our tools around. Or maybe Niko had left them there on purpose. He was very thorough that way.

I got the blankets and plastic back up in the time it took for Astrid to get to her feet and drag the first plywood sheet over.

I tried to staple it but only got three good hits when there was a hollow CLINK- CLINK sound from the staple gun. I was out of staples.

‘Shoot,’ I mumbled.

There weren’t any extra staples in the box, either.

‘Be right back!’ I hollered.

You had to shout to be understood in the stupid air masks.

I didn’t want to think about Niko and Josie, and Alex trying to communicate through them on the bus.

They should never have left and every time it even came into my mind that they had left, I got angry.

I didn’t need to be angry just then, though. I needed to be smart. We had to get the store sealed up quickly.

I headed to Home Improvement.

I passed Chloe on her air mattress. She still had her mask on and all her layers and was totally out cold. The sleeping pill Niko had given her was strong.

She was going to be so pissed off when she woke up and discovered that Niko and the rest had gone on without her.

She had missed the whole drama of Astrid and me telling everyone we weren’t going. That it wasn’t safe for us to go out, because of our blood type.

She certainly hadn’t been consulted when Niko took her off the bus.

But we were right, I told myself. It was too dangerous for us to go out there. Astrid had gotten just a momentary whiff of the compounds and had gone berserk. Us out in the open air, trying to make it sixty miles to Denver? We would have murdered them.

I was sure of it. We made the right choice.

And we had enough supplies in the Greenway to last us for weeks or months. Long enough for the others to make it to DIA and arrange some kind of a rescue. Or long enough to wait out the compounds – we had heard the effects would only last for three to six months…

As I got back with my reloaded staple gun, I saw that Caroline and Henry were gently bouncing next to Chloe’s slumbering form on the air mattress. Luna was curled up next to them.

They looked like three little aliens and their pet dog, out to sea on a raft.

Then there came a loud THUNK from the gate.

Astrid jumped and looked at me.

The THUNK came again.

‘Hey!’ came a voice.

‘Hello?’ Astrid yelled.

‘I knew it! I knew I saw a light! Hey, Jeff, I was right! There’s somebody in there!’

‘Who are you?’ I shouted.

‘Name’s Scott Fisher. Open the gate and let us in, would ya?’

‘Sorry,’ I lied. ‘We can’t open it.’

‘Oh, sure, you can. You just did. It was just open a minute ago. We saw the light! Come on!’

‘Yeah! Let us in,’ echoed another voice. Jeff, I presumed.

‘Dude, you have to let us in. It’s like an emergency out here!’


‘Yeah, I know,’ I said. ‘But we can’t.’

‘Well, why the hell not?’ he demanded.

Astrid came next to me.

‘Because we let two grown-ups in before and one of them molested a girl and tried to shoot our leader!’ she shouted through her mask.

‘Well, now we’re not like that. We’re real nice.’

‘Sorry,’ Astrid said. She patted the plywood and nodded for me to nail it.

‘Come on!’ he yelled. ‘We’re thirsty and hungry. People are dying out here! Let us in.’

‘Sorry,’ I yelled.

I shot a staple in.

Scott and Jeff rattled the gate some and cursed a fair amount, but by the time we got the rest of the plywood back up, we could hardly hear them.

I was examining the wall, and had made up my mind to add another layer of plastic sheeting, after we got the purifiers running, when Astrid tugged on my arm.

‘While we’re all geared up, let’s go throw some food down to that guy from the roof.’

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Let’s throw them down some food and water!’ she yelled.

‘Why?’ I asked.

She shrugged.

‘We have so much and they have nothing. We should help them.’

Aargh, I didn’t want to go up on the roof. Not at all.

I was exhausted and I wanted to get the air purifiers set up.

But Astrid stood there looking at me like it was obviously a good idea. Like it was obviously the right thing to do.

‘I want to get air purifiers set up, first,’ I argued.

‘Me and the kids will do that,’ she yelled through her mask. ‘You should take the food up while the guys are still outside.’


I couldn’t think straight enough to tell her why it wasn’t a good idea. Maybe she’d think I was lazy or scared to go on the roof or something.

‘All right,’ I said. ‘I’ll do it.’

She turned toward the kids without even, I don’t know, saying thanks.

‘Caroline and Henry,’ she called. ‘Grab a cart and come with me.’

‘Wait,’ I said. ‘First we get the purifiers running. Then I take the food.’

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