wolves at bay provides suspense, and Sara’s strong relationship with her sister is a sweet undercurrent.”

Publishers Weekly

“This skillful blend of humor, emotional turmoil, and enticing chemistry adds up to a terrific and fun-filled read!”

RT Book Reviews

“One of the best shapeshifter romances I’ve read in some time! . . . I have been singing the praises of this book to anyone who will listen.”


“A fun and flirty read. . . . I had tons of fun with this book.”

Wicked Little Pixie

“A sweet and sexy love story that will curl any reader’s toes, a story that will delight you, characters that will charm you, and a read you don’t want to miss out on! An unforgettable romance!”

Addicted to Romance


“A world that is both dangerous and humorous. Add a heroine who is plucky and brave and a hero who is sexy and powerful, and you get a story filled with sizzle and spark!”

RT Book Reviews

“The adorable relationship between Bathsheba and Beau drives the story and will leave readers eager for more.”

Publishers Weekly

“This page-turning debut . . . possesses humor and a protective male character similar to those of Katie MacAlister. This will likely be a popular series.”


“A fast-paced story that’s got both humor and heat. Beau is a meltingly sexy hero.”

Romance Junkies

“What an awesome debut book! . . . If you enjoy shifter books, then this is a must-add to your reading list.”

Bitten by Books

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