something between the four of us.'

'Right, everybody needs privacy,' Tanya said. 'But I don't like the idea of structuring our get-togethers. I think we should just let them happen.'

'Still like the idea of Barry sneaking into the house and making like the rapist, huh?' Chance said with a squeeze to his wife's waist.

'Yes, yes I do,' Tanya said, giving Barry an inviting stare. 'And if he doesn't do it in the next week, I'm going to be terribly disappointed.'

'One rape at a time of my choosing coming up next week,' Barry nodded.

'My pleasure madam.'

'I know what Tanya means,' Cari said. 'We might just want to be with one another either together or separately, whenever. I think that sounds good.'

Both the men nodded their agreement.

'However, you two are still invited to our house for dinner, say, next Friday,' Tanya said. 'And we won't take any excuses this time.'

'Yes, ma'am,' Barry said snapping to attention.

'Personally, I think we've been talking too much,' Cari said with a wink to Tanya. 'I think it's time the sexy sisters did their thing again.'

Tanya winked back. A moment later, Barry found himself flat on his back beneath two very alluring and willing women. It was a nice family to be marrying into.

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