'Janet says we ought to get together. That if I put my cock in your mouth, you'd probably suck it,' Charley answered. 'Is she right?'

'Only one way to find out,' Sandra chuckled.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Charley cupped his cock and balls and presented them to her. Sandra faced directly toward his crotch, inspecting the offering. Her ex-husband's hard-on had currently lost its edge. Under the circumstances, only Sandra's suction could stiffen it again.

Her head jerked forward, Charley felt her oral warmth for the first time since he'd left home. With a single slurp, Sandra had just swallowed his whole prick.

'Mmmmmm, I'd forgotten just how good my prick feels in your mouth,' Charley moaned to the cocksucking woman who was both his cousin and former wife. 'Get down on it, Sandy. Eat my prick till it hardens all the way down your deep throat.'

Her eyes twinkling, Sandra lost no time in honoring Charley's request. By the time she'd restored his hard-on, he had her face in his hands, jogging it back and forth so his rigid prick fucked her mouth the same way Eric and Ed were fucking her pussy and ass.

Janet was already impatient with being only a spectator while the rest of the family got it on. She edged toward the bed, sizing the possibilities for her participation.

All those naked bodies in an erotic tangle made her hungrily smack her chops. And as she licked her lips with it, that's what she decided to use to make her presence felt – her tongue.

She climbed aboard, nudging up behind her Uncle Ed as he ass-fucked her mother. His own bobbing ass was hairy split. Janet ran her tongue in the open crack, lapping at the sweaty masculine flavor. Then she licked down to Ed's balls, where she drew them into her mouth with her busy tongue and sucked them all the way to her throat.

'Jesus, that feels good,' Ed moaned in response. 'Damn, Janet, what you're doing to my tails is gonna make me come in your mama's asshole right now.'

His crotch jerked and he moaned again, this time with orgasmic release, his prick abruptly shooting its creamy wad into Sandra's shitpit. And Janet immediately moved to take advantage of it, abandoning her uncle's churning balls to bring her tongue to her mother's ass.

Even as Ed's cock continued to unload, his excess cum was already leaking from Sandra's fucked ass. Every creamy glob which surfaced was lapped away by Janet. And when Ed's balls were drained so his spent prick shrank from Sandra's shit chute, Janet replaced by his cockmeat with her tongue to give her mother's oozing asshole a probing rimjob.

Then, as she deeply tongued Sandra's creamy backdoor, Janet felt the bulging presence of her brother's cock just a notch away in their mother's fucked cunt. When this happened, Janet was instantly greedy for more fresh jizz to devour.

So she withdrew her tongue from his asshole and moved it down to the union of cock and cunt, licking all over. Then, as she'd previously done with Ed to make him come in Sandra's ass, she sucked Eric's balls to bring his prick to the bursting point in their mother's pussy.

'Gonna blow!' Eric predictably announced. 'My cock's gonna blow in Mom's cunt!'

Janet gave her brother's balls one last oral tug. Then she moved her mouth to their mother's cunt, just as Eric's prick exploded within.

Now Janet's tongue joined her brother's spurting hard-on inside Sandra's cunt. Her taste buds tingled from the hot jism, which she then sucked into her mouth. By the time Eric had finished, Sandra's pussy bore very little evidence of the liquid heat his young cock had delivered, because Janet had swollen most of it for herself.

Next Janet moved toward the front of the action, where her mother was still sucking her father's prick. At first she licked Sandra's tits, getting the nipples as hard as marbles. Then her mouth reached for her dad's dangling balls and she sucked them the way she had her uncle's and brother's.

'Oh, little girl,' Charley called down to his slurping daughter, 'you don't miss a trick, do you? Nothing's gonna stop you from making sure I come in your mama's mouth, is it?'

Janet replied with incresed suction on his balls. Charley's cock strained deeply in Sandra's throat, her own suction mounted, he shot his wad for her to drink.

But Sandra didn't swallow all of the cum. She was saving some of it for what she knew would happen once the blowjob was over.

Charley also knew, and was glad to cooperate. As soon as his prick had slowed to a dribble, he pulled it out of Sandra's mouth. Then he moved all the way back and let Janet bob up in his place.

The mouths of mother and daughter immediately pressed together. They were soul kissing, with Sandra orally passing Charley's jizz to Janet.

By the time the kiss was broken, the men had moved away from the bed to temporarily leave mother and daughter to their own devices. Quickly, Sandra and Janet had curled into a lesbian sixty-nine, burrowing between one another's legs.

Sandra was on top of the female sixty-nine, her ass spread as she sat on Janet's face. Charley moved in from behind and became the top layer in a three-person pile, making his exits wife the center of a human sandwich. His cock suddenly lurched into her shitpit and he was fucking ass.

'Way to go, Dad!' Eric declared with admiration, already pals with the father he'd never previously known.

'Give your old man a hand, boy. Need all the help I can get taming these two bitches,' Charley called to his long-lost son.

Eric eagerly jumped onto the bed, as anxious for his dad's approval as he was for more fucking. He pulled his sister out from under their mother and fucked his stiff cock into her cunt.

This left Ed, temporarily at least, as odd man out. But he didn't really mind having no one to fuck. He was just happy to be here instead of out on his ass without a family, which so easily could have happened without their forgiveness of his past deeds.

As long as they still accepted him, just watching was enough for Ed. Of course, that didn't stop him from staying horny, so his hand automatically began stroking his hard prick while he followed the action on the bed.

While she and her brother fucked alongside their ass-fucking parents, Janet spotted her uncle giving himself a handjob. It didn't seem right to her for Ed to be alone when she'd worked so hard to bring the family together, regardless of what he'd done in the past.

So she called, 'Don't waste it, Uncle Ed. Come to bed and jack off on Mom and me. We'll take your cum.'

Ed was so grateful that he could hardly get there fast enough. His cock was shooting upon his arrival. And Janet's and Sandra's faces were there, ready to be splattered by his urgent discharge of hot jizz.

But Ed wasn't the only one whose prick was shooting. Just then Charley's cock went off deep in Sandra's ass. And Eric's fucker let go in Janet's cunt.

Together, mother and daughter urged their three climaxing studs, 'Come! Come! Come!'

And as the jizz flowed in her pussy, her mom's ass, and splashed both of their faces, Janet Hall tried to recall what it had been like before incest had entered her life, tried to remember herself as a dumb, little virgin.

But she couldn't do it, just couldn't do it. When it came to life without sucking and fucking with her precious family, Janet's mind was a total blank.

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