left grappling with the wail of terror sitting at the base of her throat. What did Mr. Russo know?

There was obviously more to the story than she was aware of.

Also by Qatarina Wanders

Book 3

The Story Continues . . .

Armies are being built on both sides.

Emily has no choice but to join forces with those who have tried to kill her kind.

After coming to peace with her alternate personality—The Owl, followed by the fire demon—Emily is now readying to fight side by side with her biological half-brother—who still happens to hate her.

Now, no one is sure who the enemy truly is. It looks like there is a force, even more powerful than any of them had dreamed, hell-bent on bringing about Nadarog Maragog—aka the Apocalypse.

But now the question is, are they even fighting the right enemy???


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Before Emily or Selena even existed. . .

. . .there was an owl shifter named Bernice.

She was expecting the prom night of her dreams. . .

But instead, it turned into her worst nightmare.

Bernice and her sister Anastacia come from a long line of supernaturals.

Even so, Bernice convinced herself that the curse of supernatural blood had ended with their father’s death.

But now that she is sixteen, her true nature manifests.

And what better occasion than prom night? Especially when her boyfriend happens to be Everet Winter, the son of the top supernatural-killer in town.

Not only does Bernice discover, to her horror, she can now transform into a massive bloodthirsty owl, but also that Anastacia has been hiding her own magical powers the entire time as well.

Now who can she trust?

Will the young man she loves really stand by her when he finds out her secret?

Or will he turn her over to the vigilantes, ensuring her violent death?

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About the Author

Qatarina Wanders is a former circus performer turned author with a unicorn and pug obsession. When she isn’t writing or editing books about unicorns or pugs (or owl shifters, vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, angels, or succubi), she is likely eating sushi with her daughter or jumping out of a plane in the Rocky Mountains.

To learn more about her work, please visit: www.QatWanders.com

Follow her on:


Continuing gratitude to everyone who showed support for this project in any way. My daughter and fellow fantasy author Ora Wanders for always reading my rewrites and helping me rework my stories. Ramy Vance for teaching me how to plot. My team at Wandering Words Media for polishing my words: Kachi Ugo for helping me with the outline and continuing ideation; Rachel McCracken and Dee Turner for rocking my editing; and Allison Goddard for being my favorite proofreader and final set of eyes. Everyone on my launch team, all my beta readers, and last—and MOST importantly—everyone who buys and reads my books. I couldn’t do this without you! MWAH!

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