Candi moaned into Mia's tasty cunt, her tongue working slowly and lingeringly. Beautiful! Nancy was catching on very fast, now.

I didn't even have to ask her to nibble my cunt, she's going at it like she had been there before! Candi thought. Maybe she's been lapping that young, cute Colleen. But girls seem to know how to eat pussy, like kissing- it just comes naturally. Jeeeesus, she's really sucking good!

Nancy shot her right hand down to her burning, twitching cunt, leaving her left hand on Candi's hips. She wouldn't lift her crotch now, she was shaking and moaning, her clit was tensing for its love-shot! Her long, pretty shanks were opening farther, her ass was quivering. Everything said go-go!

Opening her labia, Nancy eased her first two fingers into her eager cunt. No more maidenhead to worry about, she could fill her pussy with whatever was big enough and handy enough! Ohhh, yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck- pause. Ohhh, wow!

A faint, sexy slurping sound came from Mia's crotch, her whimpers of delight increased Nancy's excitement. She sipped more of Candi's cunt-juice, poking her tongue up in the cunny a little farther! But a sudden tip of Candi's pelvis told Nancy what the slender girl wanted, more than anything-tongue play on her long, hard girlie cock!

Nancy moved her mouth slightly, sliding her tongue across and around that luscious stiffness. Candi's deep moan, her shudder of joy, told it all. Candi was a real Lesbian, her whole sexual craving centered in her clit-but she was still a wonderful person, she could bring the fun from Nancy's cunt and tits and mouth as no one ever had before!

A sudden louder cry from Mia, a shake of Candi's body, quickened Nancy's hand-play on her eager cunt. Ohhh, the slide of her fingers in and out, in and out, with her thumb hitting her clit at every stroke, started her goodies!

'Ohhh-nnnnn!' Mia cried fiercely. She was going off, too!

A swift rise of Candi's ass, breaking Nancy's hold, breaking the mouth and cunt connection, almost startled Nancy. She squirmed around, turned the other way and watched what she had expected-Candi was fucking Mia to her finish! Candi just had to move her pretty ass when she was breaking her fun, and her butt was really flying this time! Her almost-man-like hunches at Mia's crotch, her wail of delight, triggered Nancy's need!

Nancy dropped flat on the carpet, her thighs wide apart, and pumped her two fingers juicily in her cock- hungry cunt! The fun-shivers flashed up her shaking legs, her inner vagina twitched delectably, her clit began to pulse and her tittles curved high. She seized a breast in her left hand, her ass lifted higher. The sweet pound, pound, pound of her fun-gun rocked her loins!

'Ughhhh-fuuuuuuuck!' Candi cried. Her long, busy clit-cock was coming in Mia's cunt! Mia's loud wild wail of culmination filled the room. Nancy thrashed her body on the carpet, legs kicking, as the honeyed throbs racked her crotch and pelvis!

A slow, dreamy spasming of her cuntal depths, a luscious tightening of her cuntflesh around her diving fingers, told her what she would have to have as soon as she found the right guy-lots of big, tensing, plunging cock! Oh, but girl parties were fun, too! They were all getting their fun-twinges together…

Candi finished her fuck, savoring the last sweet nuances of relief, and lifted her cunt from Mia's lax, dewy puss. She dropped her butt down at Mia's right and looked over at Nancy.

'You made it too, huh?' Candi giggled.

'Right on!' Nancy exclaimed, struggling to her feet. 'When are you going to fuck me, honey?”

'Soon, sweetie, soon,' Candi laughed, gazing at the sweet puff of Nancy's leaking cunt. 'You're real good with your tongue.”

'I'm learning, Candi,' Nancy giggled.

All three girls laughed. It was going to be a real swinging party before they were finished…

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