tightly clasping thighs.

Ann knew that he would tease her again and again if she didn't do what he wanted, and she would never be able to take that. Anything would be better than having him tease her and not let her cum again, especially sucking another woman's vagina. Opening her eyes and taking a deep breath, she ovalled her lips and licked out hotly with her tongue, bringing the stiff, wet little tip into hotly searing contact with the searing lips of Karen's nakedly spread vagina.

Instantly, Karen came to life as she felt her cunt brushed sensuously with the older woman's tongue, and she drove her hips down firmly on the opened mouth of the writhing nakedness beneath her. She could feel Ann's mouth envelope her quivering cuntal opening, and she shivered with delight as Ann wormed her tongue deeply up into the wetly throbbing abyss of her hungry young pussy. She reached out with her hands and placed her palms firmly against Ann's heavily heaving breasts, kneading and squeezing the fleshy mounds and pinching the swelling nipples with all her lust-increased strength, and she felt Ann shudder impassionately beneath her.

As Ann noticed that Karen was kissing her thighs too, she could feel her own sexual fires blazing hotly in her cunt, and she had to have some relief. Karen was caressing her thighs, massaging the aching flesh and relaxing them, and her kisses felt so soothing and good on her hotly flushing flesh. She parted her legs slowly and allowed Karen to place her face tightly against the seething cuntal lips of her aching cunt, and she actually delighted in the rush of sensations the younger girl was bringing to her vagina as she wormed her sensuous young tongue deeply into the wet, slippery folds of her pussy.

Larry was not certain his wife would find the act of sucking another woman's vagina to her liking, so he was nothing short of delighted when he saw Ann was sucking and licking at his teenage niece's lust-incited desire. But what the hell? He was enjoying the scene, no matter what his wife was thinking.

Ann never thought she could enjoy such a perverse and obscene act as sucking another woman's vagina, but she was, and she was delighting in the fact that Karen was attacking her pussy with the same force she was attacking hers.

It was only moments later that the two women bounced and churned their suddenly wildly exploding bodies against each other as they brought themselves to the extreme height of sexual excitement. Each one tried to outdo the other in the intensity of their cunt sucking. As Karen felt Ann's tongue probing and worming deeper and deeper into her crazily erupting cuntal passage, she screwed her own deep up around inside Ann's wide split pussy walls, causing her to writhe wildly about again and again. Ann's face was bathed in the sensual wash of Karen's cum, and she removed her tongue from the younger girl's pussy and swirled them around her own lips, licking away the wetness of Karen's cum that had washed against her mouth.

Ann ran her hands over Karen's luscious thighs lightly, brushing as gently as she could on the satiny skin and sending ripples of lascivious delight waving through Karen's body as she inched her hands closer and closer to the hotly erupting pussy, probing gently between Karen's voluptuously curved young buttocks as she reached the hungrily grinding ass-cheeks with her cum-coated finger tips. Ann wanted to cum forever, wanted to stay in the perverse position for as long as she could, but it was not to be. Even as she felt Karen's hot breath blowing gently into her cum-flooded cunt, she could tell that she was coming down from the dizzying orgasm produced by the cunt sucking young girl. As she slowed her movements, she again regained control of her mental faculties, and she was suddenly aware of the beautiful thing she had done. As she slowed her thrashings, she also eased up in the intensity with which she was attacking her partner's pussy, and her tongue entered less and less of Karen's vagina. The younger woman tried to raise Ann's sexual excitement again by driving her tongue harshly against her pebble like clitoral bud, but it was no use. Ann was completely spent, and as her mind was put together, she became overcome with the strange fact that she had actually been sucking another woman's cunt totally for the amusement of her self and her husband.

A sudden fear gripped her, and she ceased her movements all together, hoping against hope that her husband had not left the room and missed the delightfully perverse act. She brought her head from between the loosening legs of Karen and saw, to her joy, that Larry had been watching everything, and he was still looking at her, his face beaming in a loving smile of utter delight. Her happiness knew no bounds and she knew beyond all doubt now that he wouldn't mind in the least if her son, David, fucked her now and then as long as they all did it together and he could watch him doing it to her. She would let him fuck his niece, Karen as often as he wanted to, also… But… only if she could watch him fucking it to her beautiful, teenage little pussy. They would all make such a happy family now.

'Darling,' she heard her appreciative husband say softly to her. 'Shall I go get David and we can watch him fuck Karen together. She doesn't seem too eager to stop things at this point.'

'Mmmmm, that would be yummy,' Karen joined in, her naked little nipples hardening at the thought of the young fourteen year old boy fucking her while his mother and her uncle watched them.

Ann thought seriously for a moment and then smiling nodded her head. 'Yes, darling,' she said, fluttering her eyes seductively at her husband. 'But only if you let me suck your big, beautiful cock while we're watching them. I haven't had enough of that gloriously hot cum of yours yet.'

It took Larry a fraction of a second to literally leap out of the door in search of the young boy, the two nakedly laughing females following his disappearing with loving eyes.

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