may never let you leave this bed.”

“Not even to eat?”

“They can bring us food.”

“Sounds good to me.” He grew serous. “I love you, Elizabeth.”

“I love you, William.”

They would spend the remainder of the night kissing, talking, sleeping and loving. As it was one of the longest of the year, it suited the pair well.

Not all the nights they shared in their bed would be as momentous as this one. The forty-one years of their marriage would not be that different from any other happy one that had come before or would follow in the future. They would have their disagreements. Emergencies, fires, and storms would be faced together. Days of separation caused by business were circumstances that would pain them both. Illness would come and go. Children would come, all conceived and born in their bed. Weddings and grandchildren would be celebrated. Lost family and friends would be grieved. They would share tears, fears, and disappointments, but mostly enjoy contentment, love, and devotion. Never would either want to be in anyone’s company but each other’s, especially at night.

But even in the twilight of their lives, William and Elizabeth would look back with fond memory on this night—the first and most wonderful of their fifteen thousand nights. 

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