Gubru (Goo-broo) — A pseudo-avian Galactic race hostile to Earth.

Haoke (Ha-oh-kay)- A Tursiops neo-dolphin.

Herbie — The mummy of an ancient starfarer, of unknown origin.

Heurkea (Hee-urk-eeah) — A Stenos neo-dolphin.

Hikahi (Hee-kah-hee) — A female neo-dolphin, third in command of the Streaker.

Toshio Iwashika — A midshipman from the colony world Calafia.

Ifni — 'Infinity' or Lady Luck.

Iki — An ancient island of death and destruction.

Kanten — One of a few Galactic species openly friendly to Earthmen.

Karrank% (Impossible for humans to pronounce properly) — A Galactic species so thoroughly modified during its indenture as a client race that it was driven insane.

Keeneenk — A hybrid school of discipline, combining logical, human-style thought with the heritage of the Whale Dream.

Keepiru (Kee-peer-ooh) — First pilot of the Streaker. A native of Atlast.

Kiqui (Kee-kwee) — Amphibious pre-sentient creatures native to the planet Kithrup.

K'tha-jon (K'thah-jon) — A special variant Stenos neo-dolphin. One of the Streaker's petty officers.

Krat — Commander of the Soro forces.

Library — The information storehouse that holds Galactic society together; an archive of cross-referenced knowledge accumulated since the age of the Progenitors.

Makanee (Ma-kah-nay) — Ship's surgeon aboard the Streaker; a female neo-fin.

'Man'-Anglic term referring to both male and female human beings.

'Mel' — Anglic term referring specifically to a male human.

Ignacio Metz — An expert on uplift, assigned to the Streaker.

Moki (Moe-kee) — A Stenos neo-fin.

The Niss Machine — A pseudo-intelligent computer, lent to Thomas Orley by Tymbrimi agents.

Thomas Orley — An agent of the Terragens Council and a product of mild genetic engineering.

Pila — A Galactic patron race, part of the Soro clan and hostile to Earth.

Primal — The semi-language used by natural, unmodified dolphins on Earth.

Progenitors — The mythical first species, who established Galactic culture and the Library several billion years ago.

Sah'ot (Sah-ote) — A Stenos neo-dolphin. A civilian linguist onboard the Streaker.

Shallow Cluster — A seldom-visited, unpopulated globular cluster, where the derelict fleet was discovered.

Soro — A senior Galactic patron race hostile to Earth.

Stenos — A vernacular term for neo-fins whose genes include grafts from natural Stenos bredanensis dolphins.

Stenos bredanensis — A species of natural dolphins on Earth.

Dennie Sudman — A human exobiologist.

Hannes Suessi — A human engineer.

Synthian — A member of one of three Galactic races friendly to Earth.

Tandu — A militant Galactic species hostile to Earth.

Takkata-Jim (Tah-kah-tah-jim) — A Stenos neo-fin, Vice-Captain of the Streaker.

Thennanin (Thenn-an-in) — A militant Galactic species.

Tsh't (Tish-oot) — A female neo-fin, the Streaker's fourth officer.

Tursiops — A vernacular word for neo-dolphins without Stenos gene grafts.

Tursiops amicus — A modern neo-dolphin. 'Friendly bottlenose.'

Tursiops truncatus — Natural bottlenose dolphins on Earth.

Tymbrimi (Tim-brye-me) — A Galactic race friendly to Earthmen, renowned for its cleverness.

Uplift — The process by which older spacefaring races bring new species into Galactic culture, through breeding and genetic engineering. The resulting client species serves its patron for a period of indenture to pay for this favor.

Wattaceti — A neo-fin non-commissioned officer.


DAVID BRIN was born in 1950 in Southern California. He has been an engineer with Hughes Aircraft Co., and attended Caltech and the University of California at San Diego, where he completed doctoral studies on comets and asteroids. Dr. Brin is presently a consultant with the California Space Institute, a unit of the University of California, San Diego, doing advanced studies concerning the space shuttle and space science. He also teaches university physics and occasionally creative writing. His novel Startide Rising won the Hugo and Nebula Awards and his short story, 'The Crystal Spheres' won the Hugo Award, as did his novel The Uplift War. His other novels include Sundiver, The Practice Effect and The Postman. He is currently at work on his next novel.

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