no idea where the Demon King was and no inclination to disturb him.

“Hush,” his mate scolded him as she let her moist lips trail hot kisses down his body. “I always wanted a man completely at my mercy. Don’t spoil my fun.”

The Mind Demon ejected an unintelligible sound she took as capitulation as she ran her tongue along the arches of his lower ribs, and then moved slowly down his belly, breathing hotly over every wet place she made or discovered. Skirting his navel, she licked down the furred line of hair leading to his groin. Her free hand wrapped around him to keep him out of her path until she was good and ready to pay attention to him. His penis was drenched with her juices, transferred as she’d ridden against him. She used this to her advantage and stroked him heavily until she deemed herself ready to take a taste of him.

The touch of her tongue burned a wildfire reaction up his shaft and Kane’s entire body seized with the sensation. He gasped, dizzy and agonized by her teasing, frankly shocked he didn’t burst right then and there. He was watching as she slowly swiped her tongue across the head of his erection, licking away the copious pearly liquid weeping freely from it. The vision of her was such a magnificent sight to him, the stuff of his most forbidden fantasies. The savage sound and emotion roiling out of him as she drew him deeper into her mouth abruptly reminded him that she was still mostly human, while as a Demon suffering from the need to rut, he was a very savage and different beast. Her deprivation of energy had stunted her change, a change that was supposed to have made her able to bear the fierce brunt of Demon lovemaking.

Suddenly he was glad he was lashed down good and tight. The way she was making him feel right then, he’d probably have thrown her down and torn her apart with his intensity. Even so he couldn’t help the blind need to thrust against her devilish little tongue. But she clearly didn’t want him getting any ideas of his own, so she released him from her mouth and went back to her position astride him. Settling herself hot and wet against him, but not taking him inside yet, she leaned forward to dance the tip of one breast against his lips. He caught her suddenly and sharply with his teeth, making her gasp.

Tease me, will you? he thought fiercely into her mind.

Again and again, she promised him, her voice in his head breathless and aroused. He could see the flush of excitement all over her skin and the depth of her need shining in her eyes. Samhain was just as hard on her heels as it was on his, but she wanted him well beyond that. He could feel it. He could hear the chant going desperately through her thoughts. I need you, Kane. I need you!

“Corrine, I can’t do this anymore!” He knew he was begging for her as he bucked up against her, seeking the entrance that eluded him. Sweet Destiny, she didn’t understand! She didn’t know how long he had craved the moment she was withholding from him. She couldn’t know what this was doing to him! Kane gnashed his teeth and jerked savagely at his shackles. Wood cracked as the steel of his chains ground against it.

“Easy,” she soothed with a slender hand stroking down his chest and belly. “I’m doing the work of two people here.” Corrine narrowed liquid green eyes on him as her fingertips reached to touch the soft russet curls framing her sex which were thoroughly combined with his own. She reached two delicate fingertips to seek out her clitoris, coincidentally stroking over the burrowing head of his penis where she held him trapped between their bodies. For a long, torturous moment she teased them both like that, the flicker and stroke of her fingertips unraveling the focus of their minds in a strange disembodied concert. She was too untried to hold their mental link on her own, so Kane chained them together with clarity and strength, the cycles of their pleasure wrapping thoroughly around one another.

He was so amazed by the easy way she appeared to accept pleasure, the way she so willingly let it roll over her body, that he didn’t expect the abrupt shift she made that started to bring him inside her. Kane’s hands reached up to curl tightly around the steel links that held him imprisoned, suddenly needing the vicious grip as she slowly worked to impale herself on him.

At ninety-eight years of age, Kane was two years from being an adult in the eyes of his peers, but right then he had never felt more like a novice at life. The sensation of his perfect mate welcoming him with such exquisite perfection brought him to his proverbial knees. He shook his head, trying to stave off the dampness in his eyes, but with little success. He hated that he couldn’t touch her, and yet there was something about her proud domination over him that made it all worthwhile.

Corrine closed her eyes, dropping her head back with a lusty groan that echoed high in the stone room. Kane was so hot that she felt as if she was impaling herself on pure burning steel. She worked herself down onto him, gasping at the ferocity of his heat and feeling wave after wave of his profound emotional response. Oh, how compelling it was to know he was feeling this way because of her! When he finally sank home inside her, she had to lean with flat palms against his chest, drawing hard for breath because of how intense the sensation was. Her entire body shimmered with delight and the ready edge of pleasure. She lifted herself and shifted back onto her heels, crying out as he met her with a defiant thrust of his hips. Her whole frame shivered with the impact and she almost fell over him. Instead she ended up braced against him and staring down into his brilliant blue eyes and their undeniable devotion.

She raised herself again, taking advantage of the moment to kiss his mouth as she drew forward over him. After a moment of swimming in the gaze of his eyes, she whispered to him. “You love me,” she said softly.

“Yes.” He punctuated the confession with another powerful thrust to meet her descending stroke. She lifted again almost instantly, breathing a moan of pleasure against his lips.

“Kane. . Kane, you know I don’t—”

He cut her off with a deep return into her slight body, rocking her forward so that their mouths met in a wild, soul-searching kiss. He let her settle back on her own this time, breathing hard against her damp, well-used lips. “You will.”

Corrine felt the utter conviction pouring from him and a chill of delight shivered down her spine. He was once again telling her the absolute truth. His truth. A truth, she realized, she wouldn’t at all mind living.

Sitting up straight and proud on her very personal stallion, Corrine took charge of her ride. Kane continued to match her tit for tat, sweat gleaming on his dark skin as he worked her body as fiercely as he could under the circumstances. He loved the way her entire body jounced, her breasts with their dark coral tips shimmering with impact every time she met with him. It was all so far beyond his expectations that his body reacted uncontrollably to her. At first he used the increasing bite of the wrist cuffs to help draw him away from the rampant urge to rush into orgasm, the warm wetness of his own blood a small price to pay if he could just keep control long enough for what she needed. But soon even that couldn’t help him.

“Sweet, blessed Destiny, Corrine! You’re perfect! You’re—”

Kane gasped in a hard, sucking breath as sudden fire broiled through the bottom of his gut, sinking with an acidic burn into the seat of his pelvis. His whole body crashed against a tempest of pleasure he couldn’t contain or control. His back arced off the bed, the power of his muscular body lifting her up with him.

Corrine felt the impulse of pleasure rushing through his body and mind, and once it slammed into him, it slammed into her as well. Chained together as they were by the power of Kane’s mind, she was snared in the vortex of his explosive release, convulsive and bordering on painful. They both curled toward one another, their heads touching at their temples as they cried out against each other’s ears. Kane’s jolting release felt as if it would never end, and the greedy clutch of her body only perpetuated the situation. Then, gasping madly, they suddenly dropped onto the bed, their bodies nothing more than an exhausted pile of arms and legs.

Even before he finished catching his breath, Kane let out an irritated growl. Corrine looked at him in surprise when he uttered quite savagely, “Perfect bloody timing, Noah.”

Then there was a sharp jolt seconds before Corrine hit the mattress face first, Kane having completely disappeared from beneath her. The startled redhead pushed up into a thick cloud of smoke and the heavy odor of sulfur. Then there was another snap in the air and suddenly Kane was on her back, his now-free hands sliding hungrily beneath her to seek out the delicious softness of her breasts.

“Kane!” she gasped, trying to turn under him so she could look into his face. His remarkable disappearing act had stunned her, but it was quickly overshadowed by the more remarkable feel of his hands on her body at long last.

“At long last?” He echoed her thoughts fiercely against her ear. “Let’s see you suffer over a week of getting fully aroused every single time the slightest memory of your mate drifts into your mind. Then you can complain about the length of your denied hunger.”

“Oh, I see,” she breathed, “it’s a contest, is it?”

“No contest,” he argued hotly. “You’ll never know what I went through.”

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