couldn’t feel your cock trying to burrow its way through me chainmail.” “You’ve always known what you do to me, Ghleanna. Especially when you come back from battle with all your new scars and still covered in the blood and gore of our enemies. There’s only so much a dragon can take!” “All right. All right. Calm yourself. You barely notice when I’m gone and then you’re all over me when I’m here.” “It’s how I get through our time apart. It’s worked so far. Now kiss me again.” She did, melting at the way his tongue delved deeper, his fingers stroking her shoulders and back. He’d do the same when he got her naked, but then he’d be slower. Lingering over every part of her. It made it worth coming back to a bloody castle rather than a cave.

“We’re hungry.”

Ghleanna glared across the table at her youngest male offspring and the rest of the brats standing beside him. “Then go get a cow.” “You’re not going to feed us? What kind of mother are you?” “One that can separate your legs from the rest of ya!” “Or,” Bram cut in, “you can go to the pub. We’ll meet you there later.” Her youngest daughter shrugged. “Ain’t got no money, do we?” “I don’t understand. Why aren’t you pillaging like the rest of your kin?” “It was the Northlands, Da. Ain’t nothin’ to pillage but the crows in the trees.” “And snow,” their eldest added. “Lots and lots of snow.” Bram motioned to his study. “You know where I keep the gold coin.” As if on fire, their offspring made a desperate run for their father’s study, climbing over the table and fighting each other through the door. It wasn’t pretty.


“You tolerate them because you love me,” she quickly reminded him.

“Gods, I do love you. I even love that lot. Crazed, murdering scum that they are.” “They are cute. And already making their names. And. .” “And?” Bram pushed.

“I was promoted to General.”

Bram’s smile was real and so very warm.

He hugged her tight. “My beautiful, beautiful mate. I’m so proud of you.” She knew that. Reveled in it. “And believe it or not — I got my rank directly from Bercelak.” “How the hells did you manage that?” “No idea. And you know how he is. If we’re Cadwaladrs, we gotta kill twice as many as other Dragonwarriors before that tight-lipped bastard will even grunt in our direction.” “Still a ray of sunshine, is he?” Ghleanna laughed until their brats tore past them again on their way out the castle doors.

“Off to the ale,” she muttered.

“And leaving us alone.”

“Aye. That they have.” She pressed her forehead against her mate’s. “Gods, I’ve missed you, peacemaker. Those bloody cold nights fighting those damn Lightnings. And all I wanted was to get home to you.” “You are, Ghleanna. You are home. And I’ve never been happier.”

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