I bit my lip and motioned for her to read the letter that Michael and I had so painstakingly crafted. Hesitantly, she picked it up and unfolded it. I held my breath as she did. In the letter, we told her everything we knew. We begged her to help us better understand who we were and what the end days were. We couldn’t undertake the research ourselves; if anyone was looking for us or watching us, they would realize that we knew.

Even though Ruth had been my best friend for nearly ten years, I real y didn’t know how she would respond to our plea for help researching the nature of the Nephilim and the looming apocalypse. How could I possibly predict her reaction to the claim that I was an angel of some sort? That our world teetered on the edge of annihilation?

Ruth cleared her throat, and whispered, “So you do remember?”

I was flabbergasted. Nothing in her behavior had given me the slightest hint that she remembered anything. “You do too?”

Ruth leaned toward me. In a voice so low that I could barely hear it, she said, “I remember watching you and Michael fly. And I remember taking you to the train station a few days ago. Today is the first day I’ve seen you since. I’ve been so worried about you and Michael, but who could I ask?

Certainly not your parents.”

Relief coursed through me. I reached over to hug her, and said, “Thank God.”

Ruth squeezed me back, and whispered, “I thought you had forgotten what you could do, or that I knew about your and Michael’s . . . abilities. Or that you didn’t want to talk about it for some reason. So when you pretended you were sick earlier today, I kind of backed away from you.”

“Now you know why I haven’t mentioned it.” I tried to apologize. I felt her nod against my shoulder.

“So you’l help us?” I whispered.

“Yes, El ie. I’l do the research that you and Michael need.”

“You understand that there are risks? Huge risks?”

“Of course. That seems very clear.” Even though her voice sounded firm and strong, I wondered if she real y comprehended the dangers. How could she, unless she’d stared evil in the face as Michael and I had?

I started to cry. “Thank you, Ruth. Thank you so much for helping me and Michael.”

“El ie, I’d do anything for you. You know that. But, I’m not just doing this for you and Michael.”


“I am doing this for everyone, El ie. Because if I understand your letter correctly, everyone is at risk. And the entire world is at stake.”


Fallen Angel

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ISBN 978-0-06-196570-8

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