individual harpies can live anywhere they choose, in either the human world or the Netherworld.

Description–In the human world, harpies can pass for human at a glance, as long as they brush hair over their pointed ears and hide their compact, batlike wings beneath clothing. In the Netherworld, harpies appear less human, with mouths full of sharp, thin teeth, claws instead of hands and birdlike, clawed talons instead of feet.

Dangers–Harpies are snatchers. Collectors. They will dive out of the air with no warning to grab whatever catches their eye, which can be anything from broken pots and pans to shiny rings—often still attached to human fingers. Also, they’re carnivores and they don’t distinguish between human and animal flesh.

Best Precaution–Complete avoidance.

Second-Best Precaution–Stay inside or keep one eye trained on the sky and get ready to run.

Escape and Evasion

Note: The best way to escape a Netherworld threat is to leave the Netherworld, though that won’t keep certain species, such as harpies, from crossing into the human world after you. If you are incapable of leaving under your own power, eventually something will eat you. But to help put that moment off as long as possible, here is a list of the most effective evasion tactics:

Find a shelter in rural areas. Netherworld creatures are attracted to heavily populated areas, where the overflow of human energy they feed from is most concentrated.

Fibers from the dissimulatus plant can be woven together and worn to disguise your energy signature and keep predators from identifying you as human and thus edible.

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