backside, he ushered her up to the head of the bead.

“Hold on to the headboard,” Jack growled, and the sound of his voice, thick with desire, turned Sara on so much that she had to comply. On her knees, she clung to the solid wood, feeling Jack move behind her. His hands found her breasts, caressing them gently. Then a hand snaked between her legs, toying with her clit. Just when she felt she could take his teasing no longer, Jack entered her roughly from behind, pounding his cock into with a force that took her breath away. Pleasure coursed through her, each wave hitting her with greater intensity until she exploded into a breathtaking orgasm. As he felt her pussy contract around him, Jack finally let himself go, coming in spasms that made his whole body shudder. They collapsed together in a heap on the bed, sweaty but satisfied.

Jack's eyes fluttered open. He felt disoriented and his mouth was dry. Sara was asleep in his arms, and he took a moment to relish her soft warmth pressed against him. Gently, he eased himself up off the bed, trying not to wake her, and padded to the bathroom. In the harsh overhead light, the bags under his eyes were more pronounced. It was five am. The car for the airport would be picking them up at six. Jack wasn't sure what he would say to Michael after yesterday's events, but he was not looking forward to the confrontation. With a sigh, he turned the shower on to the hottest setting and tried to wash his worries away.

Jack gave the room a final once over, checking for anything he might have left behind. He hadn't actually unpacked in the first place, which made things a little easier. He made sure he had his wallet, his medication and his passport. Ready to rock. Then he tiptoed back in to the bedroom. Sara was still fast asleep, curled up in the middle of the bed with the covers pulled right up to her chin. He couldn't help but smile. She looked so pretty and innocent. Part of him wanted to wake her, but he wasn't sure what he would say…Jack loathed goodbyes. And what did he have to offer a girl like that? Months on end following a miserable shell of a man around on tour, a different hotel every night, constant harassment by the press…no, that was no life for anyone. Even if she would agree to it. Yet the thought of never seeing her again made him feel hollow inside. Jack grabbed a piece of hotel notepaper, and scribbled down a hasty message. Bending down, he placed it carefully on the night stand, then planted a feather light kiss on the top of Sara's head. She didn't even stir. With one last look at her sleeping face, Jack turned and hurried out of the suite, dragging his baggage behind him.

“Sara! Sara, what the hell, wake up?”

Sara reluctantly opened her eyes to find Erica perched at the end of the bed, wrapped in a hotel robe.

“Hi…you ok? How do you feel?”

“What? Yeah I'm fine, except I woke up in a strange hotel room with no idea how I got here. What the hell happened last night?”

Sara gave Erica a run down of the evening's events, all the time trying to stifle the sadness welling up inside her. Jack was gone. He had run out without even saying goodbye. She should have known it was just a meaningless one night stand, but somehow it had felt different. Like something more intimate had passed between them. As she finished her story, she realised Erica was staring at her with wide eyes.

“No fucking way! This is Jack Carter's hotel suite? Oh my god, that is so cool! Wait…did you…you didn't!”

Sara's blushes were all the response her best friend needed. Her mouth dropped open.

“Sara! You and Jack Carter…Oh my god!” Erica squealed, unable to string together a coherent sentence. Suddenly her eyes fell on something on the night stand, and she leaned over Sara to snatch it up.

“Oh wow, look, he's left you a note!”

Sara's heart leapt. Maybe…just maybe she hadn't been fooling herself. She grabbed the piece of paper from Erica's hand, racing to read the message.

“Sara. Flight is early, had to go, didn't want to wake you. Room is good until 1pm, feel free to order breakfast, charge it to my tab. It was lovely to meet you. If you'd like to go for dinner some time, this is my number. Jack.”

A telephone number was scrawled beneath the message. Feeling like a smitten schoolgirl, Sara clutched the paper to her chest. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“I can't believe you bagged Jack Carter. You have to teach me your secrets!” Erica giggled, flopping back onto the pile of cosy pillows. Sara smiled at her friend.

“Maybe after breakfast. Pass me that room service menu, will you?”

It had been a crazy twenty-four hours. As she folded the note and stashed it carefully in her purse, all Sara could think about was Jack. She felt sure she would see him again. The only question was when…and whether she could stand the wait.

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