going to stand for their gossip.”

“I'm not going to the gig tonight Jared. I can't.”

“Jack, the boys all want to go ahead. They're behind you, one hundred percent, but we've got a tour to finish. The show must go on, right?”

“They can do it without me. Mike can take the vocal, he knows how. He's been wanting the lead for long enough now.”

“Jack…come on, if you don't show then they'll assume there's some truth to this. And there isn't, right?”

Jack whipped his head round and looked the older man in the eye.

“Are you seriously asking me that? Seriously? You know my fucking history man, do you really think…? Fuck.”

“Hey, hey, Jacky boy, relax. I was just…I know you would have done anything for Laura. Maybe one time, you were trying to help her out…I just mean, if there's any substance to this, any at all, I need to know so we can do damage control.”

“Get the fuck out, Jared. I mean it. Before I do something I'll regret.”

'Okay, okay, I'm sorry…look, we need to be at the venue by six. Think about it. I'll call you later.”

“Just leave me the fuck alone.”

“You're a good guy, Jack. You can't punish yourself forever. It's not worth throwing away your career for.”

As the door clicked shut, Jack let his head sink into his hands. He had never felt so alone in his whole life.

Sara felt self-conscious as she approached the check in desk. Half way to the airport, she had almost told the cab to turn around…all this was just too crazy to be true. But then, she never thought she'd get to meet Jack Carter…so maybe crazy dreams come true some times. She smiled at the pretty blonde behind the counter and held out her passport.

“There, um, should be a ticket for collection.”

The attendant examined her details and the computer screen for a few moments, before breaking into a brilliant smile.

“Ah yes, here we are Madam. One first class ticket to Paris via London, leaving on the 1.30. No checked luggage? Okay, if you follow this corridor through security, then you'll just need to show your boarding card to access the Gold Lounge. Have an excellent flight.”

Sara read and reread the ticket in her hand. First class? Wow. She didn't even like to think what that had cost. Looking down at her faded skinny jeans and comfy sweatshirt, she wished she'd dressed up a little more. With a wry grin, she pulled her sunglasses out of her bag and put them on, checking out her reflection in a pane of glass. There, now she could be mistaken for an off-duty celebrity, dodging the paparazzi. Was this what Jack's life was like all the time, she wondered? No, they probably travelled by private jet. Hauling her weekend bag over her shoulder, Sara made her way towards security.

Leaning back in her enormous, plush seat, Sara felt like pinching herself. This really was the way to travel. The first class seats were divided into little cabins, with private televisions and fully flat beds. The friendly stewardess had provided a glass of champagne along with a refreshing hot towel, before pointing out her copy of the extremely extensive food menu. Compared to her usual cramped seat on a budget airline, this felt like another world. Sara kept wondering when someone would find her out and escort her back to economy, and found herself scanning her ticket for the little note that said 'First.' Her companions in paradise were mostly fifty something guys in expensive Italian suits, who seemed to take no pleasure in the experience whatsoever. Thirty minutes into the flight, most of them were either tapping furiously on their laptops, or had downed some prescription sedatives with their champagne and passed out. It occurred to Sara that even luxury could get boring eventually. There were a couple of interesting passengers though. One was an elderly lady with a Russian sounding accent, whose makeup had to be at least an inch thick, and who tottered onto the plane atop six inch red stilettos. The other, whose cabin was separated from Sara's by a sliding partition, was a guy in his mid-twenties who could have stepped out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad. From his piercing blue eyes to his strong, tan jawline, he was six feet 2 inches of all-American hunk. The stewardesses were extremely attentive to all the first class passengers, but they spent extra time hovering by his cabin, batting their eyelashes as they offered refreshments.

Sara settled in with a romantic comedy, nibbling at a tray of assorted snacks that was perched on the small side table. Soon the warmth of the cabin and the comfy seat took their toll, and despite her intentions to savour the experience, she soon drifted off to sleep.

In her dream, Sara was walking down an endless corridor. The thick carpet felt soft beneath her bare feet. The walls were lined with doors, each one numbered, but somehow she sensed that none of these was the one she was looking for. Sara realized she was dressed only in her favourite black lace underwear, but she didn't feel cold. As she passed by another set of doors, they swung open, and she felt a prickle on the back of her neck, like someone was watching her. But the door frame was dark and empty. Sara carried on down the hallway, picking up speed as she felt a growing sense of urgency building in the pit of her stomach. Eventually she was running, aware only that she had to reach the end of the corridor, not sure what she was hurrying towards. The hall seemed to stretch as she sprinted along it, the end always just out of sight. Then all of a sudden, the door seemed to rush towards her, and she stopped dead. This door was larger than the others, painted a deep shade of blood red. It didn't have a number. Instinctively, Sara raised her hand and knocked. She heard the sound of shuffling on the other side, as if someone was hauling themselves up to answer her. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with anxiety, as if something hideous might be lurking behind the door, ready to pounce on her. Yet she remained rooted to the spot. It was too late to go back. The handle turned, and the door swung open agonizingly slowly. At first, there was only darkness. Then the light came on behind Jack, who was leaning against the door frame, wearing only his tight, faded jeans. Wordlessly, she fell into his arms, His hands roamed over her skin, as if he wanted to familiarize himself with every last part of her. Winding her hands in his hair, she pulled his lips toward her, thrusting her tongue roughly into his mouth until she felt him respond. She started as his teeth sank into her bottom lip, pain and pleasure mingling until her senses were on fire. His hands were on her breasts, kneading them roughly, pinching her nipples into hard little points. As his hard cock nudged the soft curls of her pubic hair, she realized their garments had had somehow melted away, but she was past the point of caring about anything except his touch. Jack wrapped his strong arm around her waist, and they fell together onto the carpet, sinking down into it's softness. She relished the sensation of his weight bearing down on her, rendering her entirely helpless. Sara gasped as the head of his stiff member pressed against her entrance, stretching her opening as he slid deep inside her. She felt filled, consumed by him entirely, and already intense waves of pleasure were coursing through her. Sarah moaned as a monumental orgasm gripped her, every muscle in her body trembling as she came harder than she ever had before. At the same time she heard Jack moan into her ear. Then, as the pleasure began to subside, that moan transformed into almost a sob, a sound so filled with pain that it brought tears to Sara's eyes. She felt him slip out of her arms and slide, limp, to the floor, his strong frame and proud muscles withering beneath her hands.

'Jack!' she screamed at him, but he seemed not to hear her. His face was ashen, all the light gone from his eyes, as if his very spirit was slipping away. Sara tried to grab him, screaming his name, but to no avail. He seemed to become a ghost, slipping through her fingers, away from, back towards the darkness of that mysterious room. As she ran towards the doorway, still calling for him, the door slammed shut with a resounding crack

Sara jolted awake, still breathing heavily. The cabin lights were dimmed.

'The captain has switched on the fasten seat belt sign. Please return to your seats and have your belt securely fastened.'

With sweaty fingers, Sara fumbled for her lap belt, the pervading sense of anxiety still causing her heart to beat too fast.

'Hey there, are you OK?'

Sara whipped round, and saw that the handsome guy in the next seat had lowered the divider between them. She hadn't realized you could lock them shut. She blinked stupidly at him, still half asleep, her mouth incapable of forming words.

'Sorry didn't mean to intrude…just, you were making some pretty strange noises.'

Sara flushed, hoping it hadn't been too obvious what she was dreaming about. What if the rest of the plane had heard? It didn't bear thinking about

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