staring up at the projection booth, shock on their faces.

I hopped down off my perch, turned to the man who had been sitting stiffly, both feet on the floor and his hands clasped tightly in his lap, in a straight-backed chair throughout the screening. 'You're on,' I said.

Bennett Carver slowly rose to his feet. He looked much stronger now than when he had visited me in my hospital cell, and he had left his wife's cane at home. He stood straighter, his face was a ruddy color, and his pale green eyes glinted. He looked back and forth between Garth and me. 'It sounds like there's a riot down there.'

'They'll quiet down when you walk into the hall. I do believe the other shareholders will be looking for new leadership, and you'll have no trouble getting the people presently in charge to submit their resignations.' 'I would like the two of you to join me down there.'

I looked at Garth, who was standing by the door of the projection booth, his hand on the knob. He hadn't even bothered to rewind the film. There was no need. If anybody wanted this particular print, they were welcome to it.

Garth shook his head. 'We'd only be a distraction, Bennett. I've got a wife waiting for me, Mongo has a lover and ex-lover waiting for him, and there's also a little girl we promised to take-to the zoo. It's your show now; go break a leg.'

'I owe the two of you more than I-'

'You owe us nothing, Bennett.'

Garth opened the door, and Bennett Carver, walking steady with his head high and his shoulders back, preceded us out of the projection booth into a narrow vestibule. He went down a stairway leading to the auditorium, and we went down another.

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