Locker Room Blitz


Breaking into the locker room of the local professional football team probably wasn’t the smartest thing Angelica had ever done. Having gone so far as to enter the dressing area near the showers, she figured there was no sense getting cold feet now. She'd done it to get an interview. With any of them. Hell, she didn't care if it was the star quarterback or a third-string reject. She just wanted to talk with someone. What she hadn't counted on was a player already being there when she crept around the corner near the showers.

The big man sat there nursing some kind of leg injury. Angelica didn't really care at that point. Her heart pounded when his intense green eyes snapped to hers. The forbidding look she saw their nearly buckled her knees and sent her running all at the same time.

He was dressed only in a white towel which contrasted nicely against his sun-bronzed skin. Muscles rippled with every movement and, for the first time, Angelica realized what she'd gotten herself into. These men were big, powerful men. Built to take the punishment of men equally as big and powerful. A woman like her-slight and thin- had very little hope of fending one of them off if he chose to kick her out. Or worse.

'What the blue fuck are you doing in here?' He stood, favoring his left leg slightly. Heaven help her, but he towered over her. Angelica had never felt so small in her life!

'I-' She cleared her throat and said the only thing she could think of. 'I'm Angelica Whetter with WSXT radio. You were taken out during the beginning of the third quarter. What does this mean for your team?'

He blinked at her before sitting down heavily, a grin beginning to curve the harsh angles of what turned into a sensual-looking mouth. 'Really? Whetter? WSXT? Are you fucking kidding?'

Irritation flashed through her. As if she hadn't ever heard that one. 'Yes. Really. Surely you could come up with something more original than making fun of my name and the station I work for.'

'How about this then. There's no way you're getting out of this locker room without letting me see if that ridiculous pairing of your name and place of employment fit the woman.'

That persistent shiver that had overtaken her body since she'd first seen this man resumed its torment. She was tempted to tell him to go to hell, but, damn if she didn't want to let him find out. If the size of the tent appearing in the towel was any indication, she could really enjoy herself.

She raised an eyebrow. 'Oh, really. Looks like you're not in much of a position to make that happen.' She nodded at his leg. 'I bet I could outrun you even in my stilettos.'

His smile widened. 'Care to make a wager on that?'


Angelica didn't respond. She simply turned and sprinted for the door as fast as her gold spiked heels would carry her. A warm chuckle tickled her ear as an arm snaked around her and pulled her against a very hard, very warm body. His cock pressed tightly against her ass.

'Oh, no. You're not going anywhere. And if the way your nipples are poking against that silk blouse are any indication, I don't think you want to go anywhere.'

Lord, he was right. She didn't. But there was no way she could simply give into him without ruining her reputation with the local teams. This was her job, goddammit!

'Let me go or I do some permanent damage.' For emphasis, she rested the heel of her shoe just below his knee. She could rake down his shin to his bare toes and break the delicate bones in his foot if she did it hard enough.

His answer was to bury his face in the side of her neck and inhale deeply. 'You know, I have all kinds of women throwing themselves at me. Every single fucking day of the week. But I don't think I've ever smelled anyone-man or woman-as fucking horny as you smell right now.'

That was it. Her knees went weak and she melted into him. Vic. His name was Vic. She remembered from the last time she'd interviewed the team. He was a linebacker. Angelica might have been at the station longer than just about anyone, but sports just wasn't her thing. Her current assignment was to replace the jock who quit because he hated interviewing jocks better than he was. She hated sports as a rule. But this…yeah. She could get used to this.

'I might be horny as a motherfucker, but if you don't let me go, you'll be sitting on the sidelines while I get my kicks with your teammates because I will un-man you, Vic. Got it?'

Vic chuckled, but let her go, backing away from her as Angelica turned around. Hands in the air in a surrendering gesture, Vic continued to move away from her, that maddening grin still firmly in place. His cock still tented the towel wrapped around his waist. Angelica knew there was no way she was passing this up. She was going to fuck Vic. Right there in the locker room. Job be damned. She wanted this.

With exquisite care, Angelica removed her thong and tossed it to Vic. He caught it easily and brought it to his nose. Closing his eyes, Vic inhaled deeply.

'Ah, yeah,' he groaned. 'You're one turned-on woman.'

'I am.' Angelica walked to him, pushing on his chest until he sat on the bench in front of the locker. 'Think you're…' She glanced at his cock hidden by the terrycloth towel, 'up for the challenge?'

She stood in front of him, between his open thighs. Vic ran his hands up her legs, inching up her short skirt until he found the bare cheeks of her ass. 'Oh yeah. I'm definitely up for the challenge.'


He pulled forward sharply, making her lose her balance and catch at his shoulders just to keep upright. Angelica gasped, but did as he urged when he pulled her legs to him until she straddled his hips. Her skirt was hiked up around her hips leaving her open to him. Normally, Angelica insisted on foreplay, but there was really no need. She'd been wet since the moment she saw him. Truth be told, she'd wanted him from that second. But a girl has to play a little hard to get from time to time. In her experience, that just made the man that much more appreciative of what she offered him.

Expecting Vic to simply push his way inside her weeping cunt, Angelica squealed when he laid her down on the bench and spread her wide. That wicked grin deepened as he lowered his head to her and took a long, slow lick.

She arched into him, raising her hips to meet his questing tongue. A soft cry escaped her throat before she could stifle it. Hell, she didn't want to keep quiet, but had the feeling it might be the best thing at the moment. If anyone else from the team caught her…well. As appealing as it sounded in fantasy, she doubted the real thing would be her style.

'Mmmmm… I knew you'd taste sweet,' Vic said between licks. 'So good. So hot.' Then he latched on to her cunt again and Angelica's eyes crossed.

'Oh, fuck yeah!' Pleasure zinged through her lower body, centering on her clit where Vic provided such wonderful stimulation. The man was seriously talented with his tongue and mouth.

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