Fault In The Structure

Gladys Mitchell

Bradley 52

A 3S digital back-up edition 1.0

click for scan notes and proofing history


PART ONE: Flaws in the Facade |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|

PART TWO: Seepage in the Cellar |8|9|10|11|

PART THREE: Cracks in the Plaster |12|13|14|15|

PART FOUR: Demolition |16|17|18|19|

Also by Gladys Mitchell

speedy death

mystery of a butcher’s shop

the longer bodies

the saltmarsh murders

death at the opera

the devil at saxon wall

dead man’s morris

come away death

st. peter’s finger

printer’s error

brazen tongue

hangman’s curfew

when last i died

laurels are poison

the worsted viper

sunset over soho

my father sleeps

the rising of the moon

here comes a chopper

death and the maiden

the dancing druids

tom brown’s body

groaning spinney

the devil’s elbow

the echoing strangers

merlin’s furlong

faintley speaking

watson’s choice

twelve horses and the hangman’s noose

the twenty-third man

spotted hemlock

the man who grew tomatoes

say it with flowers

the nodding canaries

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