Susan Peterson

Emergency Contact

A book in the Dead Bolt series, 2004

Dear Harlequin Intrigue Reader,

We have another month of spine-tingling romantic thrillers lined up for you-starting with the much anticipated second book in Joanna Wayne’s tantalizing miniseries duo, HIDDEN PASSIONS: FULL MOON MADNESS. In Just Before Dawn, a reclusive mountain man vows to get to the bottom of a single mother’s terrifying nightmares before darkness closes in.

Award-winning author Leigh Riker makes an exciting debut in the Harlequin Intrigue line this May with Double Take. Next, pulses race out of control in Mask of a Hunter by Sylvie Kurtz-the second installment in THE SEEKERS-when a tough operative’s cover story as doting lover to a pretty librarian threatens to blow up.

Be there from the beginning of our brand-new in-line continuity, SHOTGUN SALLYS! In this exciting trilogy, three young women friends uncover a scandal in the town of Mustang Valley, Texas, that puts their lives-and the lives of the men they love-on the line. Don’t miss Out for Justice by Susan Kearney.

To wrap up a month of can’t-miss romantic suspense, Doreen Roberts debuts in the Harlequin Intrigue line with Official Duty, the next title in our COWBOY COPS thematic promotion. It’s a double- murder investigation that forces a woman out of hiding to face her perilous past…and her pent-up feelings for the sexy sheriff who still has her heart in custody. Last but certainly not least, Emergency Contact by Susan Peterson-part of our DEAD BOLT promotion-is an edgy psychological thriller about a traumatized amnesiac who may have been brainwashed to do the unthinkable…

Enjoy all our selections this month!


Denise O’Sullivan

Senior Editor,

Harlequin Intrigue



Tess Doe (Ross)-Although unaware of her own identity, Tess knows that she can trust no one, including gentle but probing psychiatrist Ryan Donovan, called in to treat her. Instinct tells her that her enemies are closing in and she must escape before time runs out.

Ryan Donovan, M.D.-Disillusioned with clinical work, he returns to his hometown, determined to bury himself in research. But he quickly finds himself intriguingly involved with the beautiful but perplexing amnesiac who walked out of a local cornfield.

Gen. Thomas Flynn-A member of the ultraconservative organization The Patriot’s Foundation of Family Values, Flynn is a decisive, arrogant man who decides to change the political course of a country by whatever means possible.

Sidney Bloom, M.D.-A brilliant scientist who vehemently believes in the old adage The End Justifies the Means.

Ian McCaffery-A human machine bent on making sure his superior’s plans for change come to fruition.

For you, Dad.

I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but your

deep love, warm support and total belief in my talent

have always made me feel appreciated. I love being

one of your four daughters.

Thanks to my critique partners Chris Wenger, Linda Bleser & Tracy Rysavy. You made this all possible.

A special thanks to Patricia Otto, R.N. and Eric Lemza for their wonderful medical insights. Any medical errors are totally my fault and were done in order to make this work of fiction possible.

Chapter One

The morning Tess Doe walked naked out of the Half Moon, Iowa, cornfield, psychiatrist Ryan Donovan was three miles away, wolfing down one of Sally Todd’s homemade sugar doughnuts and sipping some of her fresh- brewed coffee.

“You want a dozen of them to go, Doc?” Sally asked, backing out of the kitchen and balancing a huge metal tray of iced apple turnovers in one hand. She set the tray onto the counter and wiped her flour-smudged hands on her apron.

“Alice will kill me if I bring any of that stuff into the office,” Ryan said, using the corner of a paper napkin to swipe at his mouth.

Shortly after meeting him, his new secretary had lamented to every other secretary on their floor that her new boss could eat like a horse and never gain an ounce. Ryan had taken it as fair warning not to bring in the usual office goodies.

“Pish-posh, the girl just needs to accept the fact that she comes from good farm stock. She needs to celebrate her largeness.”

Ryan didn’t have a response to that one. Sometimes Sally’s hometown philosophy wasn’t debatable. He had a feeling this was one of those times.

Sally grabbed a white baker’s bag off the shelf and snapped it open. Before he could stop her, she’d shoved a dozen sugar and bavarian-cream doughnuts inside and set it on the counter in front of him.

“Did you hear those helicopters overhead last night?” she asked.

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