Mark Jacobs

The family ball



Janet Hall spread her thighs, held the mirror between than, took a deep breath and looked at the reflection of her young pussy. The wispy, brown hair parted down the center, revealing her pink cuntlips and even pinker pussyslit.

'I lost it,' Janet choked, forcing herself to speak the truth. 'Last my cherry. The most precious thing I owned. I'll never be the saint girl that I used to be again.'

And now that she'd forced it on herself, the memory of her first fuck began to glow in her mind like a hot poker. She wouldn't stop now until she'd recalled the whole degrading experience in detail, just the way she'd done so many times since it had happened.

Her Uncle Ed had walked in without knocking as she dried the dinner dishes. Janet had almost dropped the plate she was wiping when he caught her by surprise.

'Your mother and brother home?' he asked.

'Eric's got a ball game,' Janet answered, trying to conceal her nervousness by bending over the sink again. 'And this is the night Mom does volunteer work at the church.'

'Oh, yeah, that's right, your mother and her good deeds,' Ed drawled, moving in behind her. 'Looks like I've got my favorite niece all to myself.'

'What're you doing?' Janet abruptly protested, feeling his hands on her hips and his rubbing crotch against her ass. 'You'll make me break something.'

There was no way Janet could admit to her uncle that he made her feel funny when he touched her like this. The boys at school didn't have this effect on her, but then she'd never been in this situation with any of them.

'At least let me finish the dishes!' Janet realized she'd left the door open for Ed to get even fresher.

'You've only got one plate left,' Ed said, relaxing his grip only a bit.

'I have to put them away, too,' Janet said.

She turned toward her uncle now, her twisting hips freeing themselves from his hands. But he immediately grabbed the edge of the sink, trapping her between his outstretched arms.

And staring straight at Ed, Janet was reminded of his youthful good looks. Although in his thirties, he seemed less like her mother's brother than someone her own age.

His face was open and tanned, the shadow of a beard never showing. There were even clusters of freckles under his twinkling blue eyes. Slender yet muscular, his body rippled under the t-shirt and jeans he usually wore.

'Forget 'em,' he said.

He took the plate from her and casually let it drop. It broke into a dozen pieces just inches from Janet's feet. However, she didn't budge, paralyzed by her uncle's behavior and waiting, with her heart in her throat, for what he'd say or do next.

After letting the suspense build with a long pause, Ed finally spoke again. 'Have you ever been with a boy, Janet?'

'Y-you know Mama won't let me date until I graduate from high school,' Janet stainmered.

'Now that's a shame,' Ed said, a smirk playing with the corners of his mouth. 'If you wait that icing then you'll get stuck on your first date with of what to do, probably with some boy who's raring to go. Could be embarrassing for you without some experience in advance.'

He put his arms around Janet's frozen body. Then his hands began moving up her back, rubbing through her blouse toward the strap of her bra.

'I-I don't think you ought to be touching me this way.'

'Why not?' Ed chuckled, tracing the outline of her bra-strap. 'You have to learn about the birds and the bees from somebody before you go out into the big, bad world. And since your father's not around anymore, there's nobody better than your favorite uncle to show you what it's all about. Let's just say I feel responsible for you, honey.'

He hooked his finger under the strap and tugged now. Janet felt the tips of her tits straining against the cups of her bra. Her tits began to swell so much that only the removal of her bra could stop the pinching sensation on her erect nipples.

'You're making me very uncomfortable, Uncle Ed,' she panted.

'That's just because you're not sure of your own body. Like I said, no experience.'

Then Ed did remove his hand from Janet's bra, but only to lower it, along with the other one, to the cheeks of her ass. He squeezed the plump asscheeks through her shorts and rubbed them together, affecting Janet directly between the legs.

Desperately trying to come up with some way to make her uncle stop before she was too far gone to resist, Janet gulped, 'Maybe you mean well, Uncle Ed, but suppose somebody came in? They might not understand.'

'No, we can't have that, can we?' Ed agreed.

He released Janet. She'd thought that was what she wanted. But the instant his hands were off her body, she wanted them on her again. And when it turned out that the only reason he'd let her go was to lock the door, site sighed with anticipation.

'Now it's just you and me, sweetheart,' Ed whispered, breathing in Janet's ear as he resumed their physical contact. This time he embraced her, pressing his crotch against hers.

His mouth sealed her own. His tongue darted down her throat. And down below, Janet felt the telltale bulge of his hard cock pressing against the mound of her virgin cunt. She couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have that rod of cockmeat jammed up inside her, fucking her cherry away.

Then, through the erotic haze fogging her brain, Janet remembered her mother's warning about sex and men. 'AS long as you're living under my roof, there'll be no hanky panky, young lady. If I ever catch you, I'll disown you. You'll be a virgin for the man you marry if I have anything to say about it.'

Recoiling at the idea of betraying her mother's high hopes for her, Janet got the strength to push Ed away. But he kept his balance and immediately closed the temporary distance between them again.

'Please, Uncle Ed, please, I can't go any further,' Janet pleaded.

'Shut up, you little bitch!' Ed snarled, his patience gone. 'I've been easy on you long enough. You've got a lesson to learn, and one way or another, I'm just the guy who's gonna teach it to you.'

Before Janet could react, he lashed out and ripped her blouse open all the way across her chest.

Her tits were on the verge of spilling out of her bra.

'Nice titties,' Ed rasped. 'Real nice young titties.'

Now his hands were on her bra. He tore the cups apart. Janet's bare tits spilled completely into the open, her nipples standing out like ripe strawberries. He grabbed her quivering mounds of titflesh, lowering his face to them. Then he licked them, bathing her sore tit-tips with warm spit until they were throbbing with pleasure. When he took a nipple all the way into his mouth and turned on the suction, Janet thought she might explode.

'Ooooooh,' she moaned, giving in to the ecstasy which arose in her. 'Feels so good.'

'Mmmm, that's better,' Ed said, looking up with a grin. 'Now let's take your education a little further. Say it, honey, say it. Tell me right out loud what I was just sucking.'

'My tits, my tits,' she blurted. 'You were sucking my titties!'

'Well, that's a start,' Ed chuckled. 'Now let's see what else I can suck that you can tell me about.'

His hands went to her waist. When they pushed down inside the front of her shorts, bursting them open, Janet realized what she was in for. Panicking again, she closed her eyes and held her breath.

'You know what this is called, don't you?' Ed said, his fingers clutching at the crux of her thighs.

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