Donna Allen

The family gets it on



Rona sat at her dressing table and brushed her hair. She saw her husband, Bob, step up behind her and wrap his arms around her until his hands clutched her tits. He pressed his lips to the softness of her bare shoulder. His lips felt hot and moist and they sent tingles up and down Rona's spine. He kissed her several times and then whispered in her ear.

'Let's get into bed and fuck,' he said.

Rona smiled at his image in the mirror. Bob tried hard to be romantic, but he failed miserably. It wasn't that he wasn't a good and considerate lover. It was just that when it came to whispering sweet things in her ear he was a flop.

Not that words really mattered to the highly sexed wife and mother. What mattered was Bob caressing her tits and pulling her long dark hair off her face. He dabbed his tongue over her ear and once again whispered in her ear.

'Let's fuck, hon.'

She held her hands over his and felt the strength of them on her tits. Tiny tremors coursed through her body and her pussy began to throb with need. Bob was wearing only jockey shorts. When he pressed up against her back, she felt his prick against her sensitive flesh.

For the hundredth time she wondered if other women were as easily aroused as she. She and Bob had been married long enough to have teenaged twins. Other women became bored with their husbands, but not she. Bob turned her on as much or more than he had when they'd been newly weds. She was ready to fuck anytime and anyplace. Her problem was that Bob complained that she wore him out.

She wondered if her daughter would be as highly sexed as she was. She didn't worry about Jamie. It didn't matter how horny boy were. But for girls it was different. Even now, with the sexual revolution, it wasn't as easy for girls to have hot pants as it was for boys.

She'd always been too embarrassed to discuss the problem with her friends. When they did discuss sex, most of them complained that their husbands wanted too much of it. She usually just sat and listened. If she'd, told them she wanted more than Bob they'd have thought she was crazy.

Now Bob slipped his hands inside her robe and squeezed her naked tits. He continued kissing her neck and ears as he kneaded her heavy jugs.

'You know you're dying for it,' he said, biting her neck.

She held his hands over her tits. 'I'm always dying for it,' she said.

'That's because I married a child bride,' Bob said, pushing her robe off her shoulders and biting her ear.

It was true. She had been young when they'd married. But lots of girls married young and quickly fell into housework and recipes. She liked all that and enjoyed raising her children, but sex was a vitally important part of her life. Maybe too important.

She took a deep breath and threw her head forward while Bob massaged her neck and shoulders.

'Why'd you stop feeling me up?' she said. 'If I keep it up you'll never come to bed.'

'I'm trying to fight it,' she said. 'What do you mean, fight it?'

'I'm trying to not give in to my desires.' Bob snorted. 'That'll be the day.'

'No, I mean it, I think I need sex more than is natural.'

'It's natural for you.' He returned his hands to her tits and flicked her nipples back and forth with his thumbs.

'But don't I wear you out sometimes?'

'Yep, but who's complaining?' He suddenly pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. His cock stood out from his hairy crotch and belly and his balls framed it. As usual Rona's cunt twitched when she gazed at his cock. Was there anything more fascinating than a stiff prick and bulging balls? She doubted it.

She turned around on the seat and gazed at his mushroom-shaped cockhead. The skin was pulled tautly and a drop of cock-fluid escaped from the tip. Her mouth watered. Was thee anything more delicious than a mouthful of cum?

She rose up, her robe dropping to the floor and faced him.

'Unless you want me to jerk off, you better get it while it's hot,' Bob said.

'Oh, okay,' she giggled, moving toward the bathroom. 'But first I've got to pee.'

'You've always got to pee,' he said, climbing into the bed.

She sat down on the toilet seat and released a trickle of piss. She watched it fall into the toilet. Even the simple act of peeing excited her pussy.

Sometimes she was able to come when she wiped herself. Bob teased her, telling her she'd wear it out when she vigorously wiped up the residue of piss on her cunt. But she liked the feeling and used the opportunity to masturbate.

'You wearing it out?' Bob called out now from the bed.

'Be there in a minute, hon,' she said.

She wiped herself one more time and examined her clit. It stood up at the top of her slit. It scorned bigger than most. Not that she'd ever examined another woman's clit. But everything she'd heard about the little female cock told her that hers was extraordinarily large. Maybe that was why she needed so much sex. Even the feel of panties rubbing against her joy-button, as she called it, made her almost come.

She flushed the toilet and rose up. She quickly washed her hands and returned to the bedroom. She did a little dance as she turned out the lights and then climbed into bed.

Bob pretended to be asleep. He snored loudly and she pulled on his arm.

'Wake up, darling,' she said. 'Your sweet wife is here with a horny cunt.'

He opened his eyes and with an exaggerated yawn he took her into his arms. 'I thought you'd left town,' he said.

He kissed her, his mouth open and his tongue jabbing hotly all over the interior of her mouth. She clung to him, her arms wrapped around his back as she snaked her tongue in and out of her lips.

He suctioned her tongue into his mouth from the root. It hurt, but, he wasn't sadistic. He knew she liked a little pain once in a while. It turned her on.

He leaned over and hovered over her, grab bing her tits in his hands and sucking her nipples until they stung. Rona laced her fingers through his hair and encouraged him to suck harder.

His face was buried in her voluminous tits. Ever since she'd developed as a young girl, men had found her tits incredibly erotic. It wasn't just that they were big. They were firm and high and even without a bra her nipples pointed toward the ceiling.

Rona knew that some women didn't have much feeling in their tits, but she had lots of feeling.

Between my clit and my tits, no wonder I'm always horny, she thought.

Now Bob climbed over her and dropped his prick between her thighs. She felt the heat of him against her pussy-lips. Her strong thighs were spread wide and she felt him groping around her cunt.

'I'm gonna put the fire out, honey, don't you worry,' he said.

'Yes, fuck me!' she sighed.

She wiggled her ass and tried to help him insert his cock inside her cunt, but he pulled back. 'No, not so fast,' he said. 'Suffer a little.'

'Oh, honey, why'd you stop?' she whined.

'I want you a little hotter,' he said.

'But I'm hot now.'

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