Frank Brown

When Mom and Dad are away



The first thing Jenny did when she got home from school on the day her parents left on vacation was to take off all her clothes. She didn't know why she did it exactly – she just found herself doing it. With all the doors of the house locked and all the curtains drawn and nobody to see her, she stripped in the living room and trotted from one end of the house to the other, giggling as her young tits bounced naked and free.

In her parents' bedroom, she posed in front of the mirror, running her hands up and down her silky-smooth skin, admiring the size of her tits and the voluptuous shape of her teenage body. She pulled her silky, blonde hair in front of her shoulders and let the ends tickle her large pink cherries, which swelled with tingly bumps and a pair of nipples like fingertips. She stretched her arms overhead, dancing with sinuous movements of her gymnast's body. Her hairless armpits were moist with sweat. The golden fuzz on her tanned belly glowed in the soft afternoon light that filtered through the curtains.

'You dirty little girl,' she said out loud, leering mischievously at herself in the mirror.

For the first time in her life she was actually alone in the house, and she felt like being naughty. She didn't understand why she felt this way. All she knew that the excitement was racing through her body, pounding in her loins, and she felt like being wicked and running around the house stark naked.

She headed for the kitchen, where she found some fruit and yogurt in the refrigerator. Sitting naked at the kitchen table, she shimmied her bare legs together as she ate. If her mother and father could see her now, she didn't know what they'd do – probably both die of heart attacks. She was being such a wicked girl, but she couldn't help it. For the first time in her life she felt free. Until this moment she'd never realized just how unfree she'd been all her life. She couldn't understand it, but those were her feelings.

The telephone rang, startling her so that she jumped. It was as if somebody had suddenly barged in through the kitchen door and caught her naked at the table. Her heart pounding, she got up and snatched the phone off the hook on its third ring.

'Jenny, are you all right?' The voice was only too familiar – Barb, her old baby-sitter.

'Of course,' Jenny said. 'Why wouldn't I be all right?'

'You sounded strange when you answered,' Barb said. 'And you're breathing hard.'

'I was – exercising,' Jenny said. 'Anything I can do for you?'

'I'm just calling to check on you and Skip,' Barb said. 'Your mother asked me to call from time to time while they're gone, to see how the two of you are getting along.'

'Mom and Dad only left a few hours ago,' Jenny said, annoyed. 'And Skip and I can take care of ourselves. We're not babies anymore, you know.'

'Of course you're not, darling. I just wanted to let you know that I'm here if you need me. If anything comes up you can't handle, give me a call. Is Skip home, by the way?'

'He's got track practice after school,' Jenny said.

'Every afternoon?'

'I don't know. Not tomorrow, I don't think. Why?'

Barb chuckled foolishly. 'Oh, no reason. Just curious. Well, I'm glad everything's all right. I'll call again soon.'

'Don't bother,' Jenny said after she'd hung up the receiver.

Jenny carried her clothes and schoolbooks up to her bedroom. Barb's call had cooled her off. Even with her parents out of town there was still a nosy adult spying on her. Why couldn't she just be left alone for once? Didn't her parents trust her? She'd never given them any reason not to trust her, and neither had her twin brother Skip.

Both she and Skip had got straight A grades all through school, and their grades for conduct were perfect too. Skip was a star in wrestling and track, and Jenny was a varsity cheerleader, and a member of the gymnastics team. She and Skip were the perfect son and daughter of a pair of model parents. What could her parents possibly be worried about?

In the upstairs bathroom, Jenny weighed herself and measured her waist. Both measurements were exactly what the gymnastics coach said they should be. She picked up her hairbrush and brushed her long blonde hair in front of the mirror. It was so nice to be able to stand here naked like this with the bathroom door wide open, and to walk around the house naked. Her tits jiggled as she brushed her hair, and she found herself licking her lips at the sight of them. The nervous excitement began throbbing again in her loins and soon she'd forgot all about Barb's intrusive phone call.

She wiggled into the hallway and did a few cartwheels, laughing as her naked tits flipped and flopped. She sank down into a full split, then pressed into a handstand. Wouldn't it be exciting, she thought, to have a girls' gymnastics meet where all the contestants were stark naked?

The thought was so wicked that she giggled. She flipped down from the handstand and landed on her feet. She was standing outside Skip's bedroom.

She'd never been in Skip's bedroom alone before, and certainly not without any clothes on. But for some reason now, she couldn't resist. She literally shivered with excitement as she slipped through Skip's door.

Athletic trophies sat on the dresser and bookshelves. At least a dozen pictures of Skip on various athletic teams hung on the walls. The room was neat and clean, just like Skip. Jenny didn't know what possessed her, but she gave in to the urge to snoop in Skip's dresser drawers.

Her breath quickened at the sight of Skip's sweat socks and jockstraps. She'd never done anything so wicked as this in her life. Under some T-shirts in the lower, left-hand drawer, she discovered a key. She tried the key in the one dresser drawer that had a lock on it and the drawer slid open. She frowned at the sight of several pairs of panties in the drawer. They were unwashed girls' panties! The aroma of pussy drifted to her nose.

'What the heck?' Jenny gingerly picked up the panties and found that two pair were her own! She'd wondered where they'd disappeared to. 'Skip, what is all this?'

Under the panties she found a lock of blonde hair tied up with some yarn. It looked a lot like her own hair. And there were several small envelopes with a different girl's name on the front of each. She opened the envelope labeled Jenny, and inside she found what looked like pussy-hairs – blonde pussy-hairs like her own. The other envelopes contained pussy-hairs too, hairs of various colors.

'I don't believe this!' she whispered. She picked up a notebook in the drawer and started paging through it. The handwriting in it was Skip's, and the dirty words that she saw everywhere made her blush. Skip never used such words. She caught sight of her own name and couldn't believe what she read. I pry apart Jenny's pussy lips. They're elastic, and covered with blonde fur. The meat between them is pink and juicy. She's so sizzling-hot inside there's pussy-steam coming out of her hole. I just about faint from sniffing her smell. I suck on her clit and she groans that she can't stand it, that I've got to fuck her right now or she'll go crazy. I slide up between her legs and stick my prickhead between her pussy-lips. The sizzling lips close around my knob and I almost cream it feels so good. Jenny moans as I slide my cock all the way up her butter-slick cunt. I'm in her to the hilt, my prick just about jumping out of its skin with pleasure. Her cunt starts clamping around my cock as I start to ram…

Jenny snapped the notebook shut. Her hands were shaking. As best she could, she put back everything in the drawer as she'd found it, then closed the drawer, locked it, and put the key back where she'd found it. Flushed and dizzy, she tiptoed out of Skip's room and staggered down the hallway to her own bedroom. She closed her door and locked it. Her inner thighs were slick with lubricant that had leaked out of her cunt. Lying back on her bed, she spread her legs and stuck her right-hand middle finger up her pussy.

She moaned, her toes clutching, tremors of pleasure pulsing through her body. She closed her eyes, trying not to think about what she'd found in Skip's bedroom, trying to concentrate completely on the sensations coursing

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