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Chapter 1

At 5 AM officer James Zimmerman was alerted by his captain that he was needed in her office immediately. He tried to act as awake and ready as possible when he responded “Absolutely sir!” as he sat up in bed. The cold metal floors always shocked his feet when he stepped onto them in the morning. It’s nothing new though, everything was made of metal in this place. Getting up he scouted around groggily for his clothes and put them on in a hurry.

James worked on a mining station on a new planet. The station is state of the art since Gideon Industries is funding it. There are five office complexes, eight mining facilities, a very large recreation facility and ten housing facilities. He didn’t live in the best housing facility in the station but they don’t get creative with them anyway, whether you’re in the office or at home everything is the same dark grey metal.

On the lift to the office deck James encountered Megan heading up as well. She was his co-worker and she’d been recently training him. He was still new at Gideon Industries but she’d been there almost a year and she was excellent at her job and an impossible perfectionist in every way.

“You’re called up early too, huh?” He asked her in an attempt to act casual. Her presence always raised his blood pressure and made breathing harder to keep quiet.

“Yep,” she said, turning to face him with a smile that made his stomach flutter. “Do you know why?”

“Captain didn’t say,” He replied. “Though she sounds more tense than usual.”

“Indeed,” she said, looking back at the number display that told what floor the lift was at.

“Did you have a good evening?” He asked, trying to keep the conversation going even though she usually gives her “indeed” or other short response when she is done talking. Megan turned to him with an expressionless face and simply nodded.

“Good,” I replied. “Mine was too. Caught up with some family back home. Do you have family?”

“No,” she said.

James sighed to himself. Why does she never want to make small talk?

The lift doors opened and they headed over to the Captain’s office together. Megan entered first, the door closing behind her. He could smell her light, flowery perfume and got lost in thought thinking of her beautiful brown eyes and her long golden blond hair that she always kept in a ponytail. At least he was distracted from the nervousness of entering the Captain’s office. When Megan walked out and closed the door she nodded at him as she passed.

“Your turn.” She smiled.

“How was she?” he asked.

“She’s been happier before,” she said. “I believe she’s just stressed. I’ll see you later.”

“See ya,” he said while gazing after her tall, slender body as she walked away in her well fitted blue uniform. It complimented her perfectly tight butt and showed off her muscular hips. He forced himself to break away and enter into the Captain’s office.

“Zimmerman,” she said when she saw him. She was standing behind her desk as usual. Word around the offices is that no one has seen her sit, ever. The Captain’s female body was still very attractive even though she was far more muscular than most women he liked looking at. The woman was always in shape. Her breasts always jutted out in front of her and are always a distraction that’s hard to overlook-whoever doesn’t avoid looking at them is disciplined.

“Captain Stevens,” he responded.

“There’s a problem in the cryostasis room,” she said, looking at a clipboard and not bothering to make eye contact with him. He took the opportunity to quickly sneak some glances at her breasts. “I want you to see why the temperature in the room is too high and fix it. Report must be on my desk in the morning. That is all.”

“Yes, Captain Stevens,” he said with a salute that she didn’t see and turned to leave.

The cryostasis room was definitely too warm. All of the cryo tubes were filled with people about to travel. It’s protocol for any person travelling in cryo sleep to reach the full state of sleep before departure. I looked at all of the passengers, stripped down to their underwear. The female half of the room provided some very good views. One woman’s choice in undergarments had been especially enticing since they had become transparent in the temperature change. She was gorgeous, fit and beautiful. He knew her; she was a mining officer who had dated a friend of his. The control room was in the back so and he walked over there slowly, taking his time walking by the sleeping females.

When he opened the door the room was unusually dark. The door closed silently behind him and he looked around, trying to let his eyes adjust. Lights flickered on multiple panels to his side and down the hall there was a curtain strung up in the back. Having not seen that there before he approached it quietly. When he was standing next to it he could hear breathing behind it. He slid a little of the curtain to the side and saw the cause of the noise.

At first he could only see two silhouettes moving close to each other. There were two small red electric lanterns were placed on either side of the control room. The lights were off behind him off behind and in front of him so he wasn’t very visible. The woman lying on the inflated mattress was one of the newer workers he travelled here with named Sheila. She was naked and squirming, biting her lower lip and gripping the edges of the mattress. Her lean and sexy body glowed red in the lighting but he knew her to be a very pale woman in a normal setting. Her black hair was pooled around her and shoulders but it still glistened in the red light.

Between her legs was the head of a man. He was moaning, as Sheila was, but was also working his hand back and forth, thrusting his fingers into her pussy. He licked and sucked on her, James could hear it from where he stood. Sheila grabbed the back of his head and ground her hips into his face, moaning, closing her eyes and breathing hard-her full breasts were heaving up and down, the glowing red outlines made them appear very seductive.

The man stood up and James could that see he was also naked. His body was very trim; he gripped her legs by their ankles and positioned his pelvis between her legs. Looking down on her made the red light catch his face. He was James’s friend, Ron. He’d known Ron for many years and he’d been the one that got him to work on this station. Ron’s penis was rock hard and engorged as he slid it slowly inside of Sheila. Her legs were spread wide and held in the air by Ron. He pulled her closer to him; he stood on the metal floor while she was lying down and he pulled her body closer to his to thrust himself inside of her. He went slowly at first, sliding in and out of her gently and leaning forward to grab her hips and pull himself inside of her. She gasped and groaned, bending her legs around his waist and to hold him to her.

James was getting incredibly aroused just watching them. His penis was getting so hard it was straining against the uniform. His breathing was getting heavier but he stayed hidden behind the curtain as I watched them. Ron leaned further forward and kissed Sheila’s neck as he thrust into her. The red light made their bodies glow as he kissed his way down her neck and over her collar bone and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Sheila threw her head back and held Ron’s head in place, making him remain there. James looked around behind him, saw that no one was around, and resumed watching them.

Ron was turning Sheila over, her ass looked amazing cast in black and red. He spanked her ass as she got onto her hands and knees. I could see her breasts hanging between her arms as Ron held her hips tightly and pounded his cock into her-her ass shaking with each deep thrust. They both grunted and moaned, Sheila was pushing her body back into him.

“Harder,” she said. “I want you to do it harder and faster.”

He could see sweat glistening on their bodies in red dots as he thrust harder and harder, spanking her so loud that the smacking sound echoed in the metal room. James felt a hand gently place itself in his back and, startled,

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