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Brotherhood of the Tomb
Easterman Daniel
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By the same author as 'The Seventh Sanctuary', this thriller reveals an international plot by an extreme right-wing Christian group, whose origins go back to the Crucifixion of Christ, to re-establish the ancient order. Assassinating the pope is only their first step. From Publishers Weekly This fourth thriller (after The Ninth Buddha) by  British author confirms his rising reputation as a literate writer of well-researched espionage tales. In 1968, in Jerusalem, a tomb is discovered that contains the bones of Jesus, his 'brother' quotes James and their mother Mary. At the same time, at Trinity College in Dublin, young American student Patrick Canavan falls in love with Francesca Contarini, who wears a strange cross around her neck. Twenty-four years later, Francesca has...
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Brotherhood of the Tomb :