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The Enchanter
Nabokov Vladimir
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The Enchanter is the Ur-Lolita, the precursor to Nabokov’s classic novel. At once hilarious and chilling, it tells the story of an outwardly respectable man and his fatal obsession with certain pubescent girls, whose coltish grace and subconscious coquetry reveal, to his mind, a special bud on the verge of bloom. Praise for The Enchanter “A tale of crime and punishment… a foretaste of one of this century’s great novels.” —Wall Street Journal “The Enchanter is an alarming, sensuous and shimmering forerunner of Lolita…. It is a delight to have this early version of Nabokov’s strange, compelling fantasy.” —USA Today “Sensuous, amusing, scary… Nabokov lifts [The Enchanter] through the exhilarating...
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The Enchanter :