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Where Eagles Dare
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ALISTAIR MACLEAN, the son of a Scots Minister, was brought up in the Scottish Highlands. In 1941 at the age of eighteen, he joined the Royal Navy; two and a half years spent aboard a cruiser was later to give him the background for HMS Ulysses, his first novel, the outstanding documentary novel on the war at sea. He is now the author of twenty-two best-selling novels, of which Goodbye California is the most recent; sixteen of them have now sold more than a million copies throughout the world. Many of his novels have also been filmed—Bear Island, Where Eagles Dare and Force 10 from Navarone are among the most famous—and there are plans to film many more books including Goodbye California. Available in Fontana by the same author: H.M.S. Ulysses, The Guns of...
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Where Eagles Dare :