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Barrel Fever and Other Stories
Sedaris David
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In David Sedaris's world, no one is safe and no cows are sacred. A manic cross between Mark Leyner, Fran Leibowitz and the National Enquirer, Sedaris's collection of essays is a rollicking tour through the national Zeitgeist: a do-it-yourself suburban dad saves money by performing home surgery; a man who is loved too much flees the heavyweight champion of the world; a teenage suicide tries to incite a lynch mob at her funeral; a bitter Santa abuses the elves. David Sedaris made his debut on NPR's Morning Edition with 'SantaLand Diaries,' recounting his strange-but-true experiences as an elf at Macy's, and soom became one of the show's most popular commentators. With a perfect eye and a voice infused with as much empathy as wit, Sedaris writes stories and essays that target the soulful...
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