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The Galactic Gourmet
White James
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The Galactic Gourmet is a 1996 science fiction book by author James White and is part of the Sector General series. Todd Richmond wrote that the Sector General series declined after Star Healer (1985), hitting a low point with The Galactic Gourmet, and that the later books tended to stretch a short story’s worth of content to the length of a novel. However he thought that Mind Changer (1998) represented an improvement. A famous chef wangles an appointment to Sector General for the challenge of creating food for so many different species. Like the Sommaradvan healer Cha Thrat (Code Blue — Emergency), he creates chaos everywhere he goes. He first meets the swimming 'crocodile-like' Chaldars, who complain that their food is unsatisfying. Realising that they are accustomed to...
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The Galactic Gourmet :