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Havana Gold
Padura Leonardo
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Praise for the Havana Quartet:'Havana Red, another winner from Bitter Lemon Press.'-The New York Times'Overlaid with a rich smoky patina, an atmosphere that reeks of slums and riches, cigar smoke and exotic perfumes.'-The Independent'Talk about unexpected discoveries, the Havana Quartet is a revelation. With a nod to Key Largo and a virtual bow to The Maltese Falcon, these novels are ultimately about the redemptive nature of undying friendship and the potentially destructive nature of undying love.'-The Atlantic Monthly'Drenched with that beguiling otherness so appealing to fans of mysteries of other cultures, it will also appeal to those who appreciate the sultry lyricism of James Lee Burke.'-BooklistThe fourth title of the prize-winning Havana Quartet.Twenty-four-year-old Lissette...
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