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Final Venture
Ridpath Michael
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After young venture capitalist Simon Ayot finds his father-in-law lying dead from a gunshot wound, and all the damning evidence points to Simon. With the police determined to prove his guilt, and even his grief-stricken wife beginning to suspect him, he races to clear his name and save his marriage-all too aware that the next murder may very well be his own…'Move over, John Grisham. A new star has entered the world of popular action fiction.' -Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan'Michael Ridpath plots his story tightly and smoothly and roams all his worlds, virtual and otherwise, with authority.'-New York Times'[Ridpath] makes you feel… the thrill of playing a hunch and getting it right.'-Los Angeles Times'Entertaining…Succeeds at becoming more than a thriller without breaking the...
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Final Venture :