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Vanderhaeghe Guy
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“One has only to read the first page of Guy Vanderhaeghe’s Homesick to see why his books have garnered him international awards…” – Regina Leader-Post“If great art is that which holds a mirror up to nature, as was once said, then Homesick is great art.” – Daily News (Halifax)“[Vanderhaeghe’s characters] lift themselves by pride and love from the ordinariness of their world.” – Ottawa Citizen“Vanderhaeghe has an unerring eye for the prairie landscape and a shrewd ear for the ironies of small-town conversation… He balances his dramatization of the cycle of life with exuberant storytelling…” – London Free Press“His stories and novels are character studies par excellence…” – Andreas Schroeder“Guy Vanderhaeghe writes about what he knows best: people,...
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