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Man Of War
Mallinson Allan
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War at sea: While Matthew Hervey is getting ready to re-join his regiment in England, his close friend Captain Peto is at sea preparing his mighty line-of-battle ship for war with the Turks. 1827: Captain Peto has just taken command of HMS Prince Rupert, the only three-decker line-of-battle ship in His Majesty’s Fleet — a wooden fortress whose formidable firepower is the equal and more of Bonaparte’s grand battery at Waterloo. But his journey to the Aegian, where Admiral Codrington’s flagship awaits him, will not be smooth sailing, having as he does, a largely inexperienced crew. He’s also been entrusted with the safe passage to Malta of the Admiral’s youngest daughter — a situation that is far from ideal for Peto and his crew. A year on, and Hervey is in...
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Man Of War :