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Just Imagine aka Risen Glory
Phillips Susan
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'Gone With the Wind the way it should have been.' – Jill BarnettIn the ashes of war, they were bitter enemies, bound by fate, fortune, and sweet desire. Spirited, schooled to trust no one, Kit Weston came to New York with a pistol in her pocket and murder in her heart, sworn to kill her mysterious guardian, her Yankee stepbrother and reclaim the South Carolina plantation that was her heritage, her home. But Baron Cain inspired far more than vengeful fury. Darkly handsome, undaunted by danger, he awakened in the wild girl a worman's ardor. Kit would shed her boy's disguise to dazzle society with her bold beauty.she would tantalize Baron even as she schemed to destroy him. Torn between burning desire and an impassioned dream of the South reborn, she would be forced to choose: to fulfill...
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Just Imagine aka Risen Glory :