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Out of Phaze
Anthony Piers
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Piers Anthony's Out of Phaze Book Four of the Apprentice Adept Series Welcome to the astonishing parallel worlds of Phaze and Proton. Where magic and science maintain an uneasy truce. Where an accidental mind-switch plunges an apprentice wizard from Phaze into the mind-boggling technology of Proton. And where a robot named Mach is, in turn, swept away to a world of bizarre and terrifying wonders: the dazzling world of Phaze… 'A little adventure, a little romance, a little gentle humor and much philosophical speculation… Anthony is as facile as he is prolific. He creates and populates realms with fanciful creatures from mythology (unicorns and werewolves), fairy tales (ogres and trolls) and his own imagination.' -Cincinnati Post 'A tale of adventure and intrigue...
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Out of Phaze :