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Strong And Sexy
Shalvis Jill
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In a family of serious over-achievers, Shayne Mahoney has always been the laid-back, easy-going rebel. But running Sky High Air – a charter airline catering to the rich and famous – is a dream come true, in-flight specials included. Like kissing his client's beautiful, brainy daughter in a coat closet. But before Shayne can say 'Fasten Your Seatbelts,' Dani claims to witness a murder, gets stalked in her own apartment, and as added bonus, gets them both shot at by a mystery sniper. Normally Shayne would be running from the obviously crazy woman, and yet he finds himself trying to help her, leaving him to doubt his own sanity…There's a reason Dani never attends her mother's high society parties. The fake people, the shallow conversation – and the fact that she doesn't fit in. She's...
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Strong And Sexy :