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An omnibus of novelsBlame It on Karma by Jacquie D'AlessandroCoffee shop owner Lacey Perkins scoffs when a fortune-teller informs her she's destined to fall for her arrogant, but definitely hot, property manager Evan Sawyer. Lacey figures she'd rather be jinxed-until she's cursed with a case of uncontrollable, insatiable lust…Together Again? by Jill ShalvisAccountant Chloe Cooper can't help but laugh at the prediction that her life is about to be transformed by true love. But that was before Chloe walked straight into her former lover, FBI agent Ian McCall, and he showed her just how thrilling things could get…Tall, Dark Temporary by Crystal GreenCandy shop owner Erin Holland isn't convinced when she's told that Ryan Wes, an infamous playboy, is 'The One.' Erin is going on a cruise...
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