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Orchid Beach
Woods Stuart
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Smart, attractive, and fiercely independent, Major Holly Barker, the army-brat daughter of a master sergeant, has been forced into early retirement at thirty-seven as the result of a scandalous sexual harassment case. With the help of her father, she makes the move to civilian life, becoming deputy chief of police in Orchid Beach, Florida, a small beach town.  But below the calm, sunny surface of this sleepy, well-to-do coastal island city lies a web of evil and deceit that escalates when a colleague and another associate are brutally gunned down. Holly is alone, a green outsider with no clues to go on, and finding killers won’t be easy for her. Surrounded by a staff of officers she neither knows or trusts, Holly finds help from a most unexpected source – Daisy, a Doberman...
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Orchid Beach :