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Shields of Pride
Chadwick Elizabeth
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The year is 1173. King Henry's efforts to crush his rebellious sons ignite bloody border skirmishes throughout the land. Yet it is a time of triumph for mercenary Josceline de Gael, bastard son of the king's most trusted ally. Victorious on the battlefield, de Gael suffers sweet defeat when his heart is conquered by the lovely Linnet de Montsorrel. But their love will find its greatest challenge as the torments of jealousy, suspicion, pride - and an enemy from beyond the grave - threaten all they hold dear. Review A whirlwind of a historical novel News of The WORLD The story is strong, the characters very believable, and the mix of touching romance and full-blooded adventure is just right Keighley News From the Inside Flap The year is 1173. King Henry's efforts to crush his...
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